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January 16, 2011

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I am An Addict

The Year of Things Breaking continues.

This week it was first my main computer, which luckily was fixed by simply reinstalling the system software at the loss of only an afternoon and evening (install + download & install all the updates) rather than several hundred dollars. Okay. And so far so good.

Then it was our DSL modem, which has actually been annoying us for about a year now, slowing down, and needing rebooting, slowing down and needing rebooting, ad nauseum. We thought about buying a new one, so I emailed our ISP provider to see what he recommended, and he said to update the modem firmware.

Allrighty then. Always happy to try something that doesn't involve a new purchase, I endeavoured to do this thing, following website instructions. It failed. Modem now useless. I could see there was a link to tell me what to do if the update failed, but being modem-less, couldn't follow-up. I phoned Devin, who explained that it wanted me to download something. Which was of course impossible due to lack of modem functionality.

Our kind neighbours offered the use of their web connection, so I trudged through the snow (yes, it snowed here!) and downloaded the necessary software. Trudged back home and followed the annoying instructions, and...

...I didn't have all the info from our ISP to reset the modem settings. They close at 9:00. This was 9:12. And so. Stuck.

There went another evening.

Then next afternoon, however, once home from work I was able to phone, get settings, reset and carry on.

Please, let nothing else break. For a reasonable amount of time at least. I have a lot of deadlines.

Through all this I also discovered, much to my dismay (but sadly not surprise as I had long suspected this) that I am a computer-and-internet addict. It drives me unreasonably crazy not to have my computer working or my DSL connection. Crazy.

This can't be good.

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New discovery: Religious to Damn: like Kate Bush fronting a rock band. I just love this, especially their song "Glass Prayer" and can hardly wait for the full album to arrive. Also, just created The EctoGuide page for the lovely music of Nancy Elizabeth

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Sophia Jordan, Firelight (young adult fantasy): A young woman comes from a race of dragons that can take human shape is forced to escape her dragon village and hide in the human world. I felt somewhat mixed about this one. Strong moments but also nearly bailed on this a couple of times.

John Green and David Levithan, Will Grayson Will Grayson (young adult): The lives of two teenagers with the same name intersect. Great voices, great believable characters and one truly wonderfully over-the-top character. This so so enjoyable.

A.S. King, Please Ignore Vera Dietz (young adult with fantastic elements): Vera's best friend and recent enemy has died. He misses him terribly, but did for months before he died, too. Should she tell what she knows to clear his memory with other people? A realistic-seeming novel and situation, with occasional extraneous commentary by Charlie's ghost and by the pagoda that looks out over the town.

Brenna Yovanoff, The Replacement (young adult dark fantasy): Mackie knows he is a placement for his parent's real song, swapped when they were babies. Usually these changelings die, but he survived due to his sister's strong love for him but all the iron surrounding him makes him ill. Then Tate, whose baby sister has died, comes to him because she knows he must know something, because no one else will admit anything--even how strange he is. And he's starting to fall for Tate. Darkly charming.

L.K. Madigan, The Mermaid's Mirror (young adult fantasy): Lena is drawn to the water. She longs to surf, but her father, who had a surfing accident and now stays away from the water, won't let her. But one day she she a woman swimming in the water--a woman who never comes to shore--and she sneaks off to learn to surf and to reach the women who seems to be calling her. A lovely story about family, love, and ocean-love.

Ally Condie, Matched (young adult SF): a dystopian novel about a highly controlled society and a young girl who starts to see more about her culture when she is matched with one of her best friends--but for a moment sees a hint of a match with another young man she knows.

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Three rejections this week. Need to send these things back out. Some slow revising. Some hesitations.

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Retrospective: old journal

One day I'll get back to this, I hope...

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