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July 11, 2012

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I haven't fully abandoned this site. I do plan to return when I have more to say and more time to say it, but for right now, here are links to three posts in my livejournal about the first three weeks of this year's Clarion West Writers Workshop and my Write-a-thon progress for same.

Week One (posted June 25)

Week Two (posted July 2)

Week Three (posted July 9)

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New Carina Round, Smoke Fairies, Fiona Apple, Jesca Hoop...good times!

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Reading a lot in spare moments because an addict can never stop reading. I've started a goodreads account, but I'm only a little better about posting comments about books there. My plan is to be better. Ha!

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See above. Busy writing! Even sent out a poetry submission this week.

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Retrospective: old journal

I found the journal I was working on here. Now I need to remember where I put it after I found it. I'm sure it's under one of these piles here...

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