Turkey & Bulgaria

May 23rd - June 6th, 2003

Blagoevgrad to Arbanasi


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May 28th

Had a bad night coughing, so ended up sleeping half-sitting on the chesterfield, the only way I can survive this stage of a cold. I start coughing so much I simply can't sleep. Luckily, I didn't wake anyone else up, not even the dogs.

Finished packing, tidied up, had a cup of tea and some toast, and then piled into the taxi, Matt, Christina, Inger, the dog Adriana, and me. The road to Sophia was slowed a little by construction, and by the time we got to town traffic was really heavy and we were quite pressed for time when we got to the airport. Dropped Matt and Inger off (they're on their way to Saskatoon) and then kept on driving through the green hills and forest for another couple of hours. Rain and bright sun changing all the time. Arrived in Arbanasi about 2:00. Only a quick impression of the town so far--it's all stone walls and gardens and old houses, stone below wood above.

The houseThe house we're staying in. That window is in the bed space.


We threw our stuff into the room in the house we're staying in (it's 300 years old and converted to be part of a nearby hotel), then walked up to the hotel to get lunch. There were hoards of tourists coming in for lunch at the same time so there wasn't a choice for lunch, but what they had on offer was fine. Though it was threatening to rain, we ate out at a picnic table by the pool, Adriana charming the passing tourists. Christina and I watched the tourists and groups of children pass through (the place has a few animals--a monkey, rabbits, a dog) in pens and an old beached rowboat the kids played in as we ate. Walked up and bought a few postcards and some groceries then the rain started, so now we're back at the house. We unpacked and I'm typing in the big room with benches and tables as the rain pours outside on the leaves and Christina and Adriana are each on a bed and sleeping. I can see Adriana dozing from here. I think I may nap, too.

And I did. I had a good long sleep. Christina woke and went up to the store to get more supplies--bread and cheese that we had for dinner and we talked for a while before we went to sleep in the lovely little cupboard bed.
Christina & Adriana nappingChristina and Adriana napping in the lovely little cupboard bed.


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