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May 23rd - June 6th, 2003


*a walk in the fields

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May 31st

Another early rising morning. Christina woke about three and worked till 6:00 then went back to bed for a nap, just as I got up and had a shower then came out to the main room to work on this. The lovely bird wasn't near us this morning so I didn't hear it. There are other guests in the house right now, and one just came out to look at the day. She went back inside--don't know if it was me working here that sent her back or Adriana, who was very friendly. It looks like it might be a lovely sunny day. I have been really loving being here and getting work done. It's so rewarding. I feel a little sorry (especially got pangs of it while visiting Veliko Tânovo yesterday) that I haven't been running around trying to see everything, but when I'm writing I feel the world is a better place, that I'm doing what I was meant to do. That's a good thing.

At breakfast Adriana charmed some Bulgarian tourists, and they were able to get her to eat foods (cheese & butter) that she normally spurns now. Afterwards we got another jug of water to make tea with, then walked around the town a little. We turned a corner into an open square, where about 5 women had set up to show off their embroidery and 1 man his icon paintings. Christina started looking at the embroidery, and I did, too, and finally started falling in love with a couple of pieces, one I think I'll give to Tamar and a lovely green one I don't think I'll be able to give away, and a little tea towel for Mom. Then we went over to look at the paintings. There were several dogs around, and Adriana took off after them and then came back, quite excited. Much to our chagrin, she sprinkled a few drops on one of the lower paintings. Ack!

alleyAn alley on our way from the house to the main part of the village.


We walked a little farther and found a lovely house with arched windows and a lovely old roof that I want Christina to buy and restore. She got a photo of that one. Then we wandered back to our house and took a few photographs, and now it's heading on for noon and we're finally settling down to work.


the houseAnother view of the house we're staying in.


the prisonerRapunzel being held prisoner in ransom for words.


Worked for several hours, then went for a walk out to some fields. Lots of lovely little blue butterflies (my photograph of them didn't work) and wildflowers. Adriana was in dog heaven. Along the way we saw a clump of sheep that seemed to be conferring, a donkey tied up and grazing, about 4 horses looking noble and annoyed at the flies, two cows, and many many bugs. There were also people working in vegetable patches.

Made our way back to town and had dinner in the same garden as yesterday. Then I wanted to get back to work, and so we did. I got to the end of the printed section, adding several conversations to intensify relationships in this section. I think the work is good. It's certainly good to work.

Finally got done and worn out. Very sleepy. Christina read the section she'd written today. I drifted off a little as she read. Nothing to do with the attention her story demands--it's really lively and interesting--but more to do with the pleasures of being read to while sleepy.

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