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May 23rd - June 6th, 2003



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June 1st

Another lovely sunny morning. The house had two other sets of guests last night, which means that Adriana was a little more restrained. We probably worked a little too long yesterday.

After breakfast we went for a walk around the village, finding the view of Veliko Tarnovo, and the Communist palace, now turned into a fancy hotel, and many lovely old houses in various states of repair.

palace and churchCommunist palace and a lovely church.


And then we kept walking, to return to the house and start to work.


gateThe gate to the garden of the house we're staying in.


wood ceilingA detail of the woodwork on the ceiling of our room.


It's so gloriously peaceful here. After working (in a half-hearted way today, I must admit) for a while, I went out to the huge yard that surrounds the house and sat in the hammock under the huge tree. I think this tree is as big as our house at home. I swung and listened and petted Adriana who came out to see if I was doing anything interesting. The close sounds are the wind and all the myriad of birds. Then way off in the distance are barking dogs, hammering, shouting, music. But far away, and far overwhelmed by the birdsong. I find myself wanting to live here. To have just such a house, just such a walled garden, just such a tree. And days like this to write in and wander through.

After I wrote that I actually started working for a few hours while Christina napped and got quite a lot done, moving on into the next section of the book.

In late afternoon we went to the village for Christina to phone Matt, then went and had dinner in this large pool, pool slide and Eurodisco music place. It was nearly empty though perhaps it was early yet. Amazing how it was clear that this is the life. And later yet, went for another walk in the fields.
fieldThe fields. The red is poppies. There are lots of other wildflowers I can't identify.

Christina and Adriana walked ahead, while I stayed behind to drift around the wildflowers listening to a herd of goats, each one wearing a bell. The sound was magical. And then there were the bees, and then two warring cuckoos, and then the crickets.

Later back home we came out to watch the stars and there were fireflies all around the garden, magical as anything. There was some light from a few local streetlights and a little haze but the stars were out there, too.

I got very sleepy and came in to bed. Christina woke me from a half-sleep to show me that one of the fireflies had come into our room and he was broadcasting his coordinates. He was so bright that in my half-asleep state I thought Christina was teasing me with the flashlight.

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