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May 23rd - June 6th, 2003



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June 3rd

Had a really rough night and didn't sleep well at all. I was out on the porch just as I had been when Matt's mother Inger was staying in the spare room because I wanted to enjoy the light, but tonight there was a chorus of dogs for most of the night and a catfight. I might have slept through it had I been a little less wired, but I was and so I knew about all the town's night noises.

Christina was still feeling quite ill, and so she didn't want to take a half-planned trip to a couple of the towns outside Blagoevgrad. I could have gone alone with Rossen to drive me, but decided I would be just as happy to stay out of the car for the day.

Christina did feel well enough to unpack most of the packages Matt had brought back with him, and so I helped supervise. Meaning I watched and enjoyed, removed a little tape here and there, and helped Matt look for the ever-disappearing scissors.

Christina unpackingChristina unpacking under Caspian's supervision.


Later we took the dogs for a walk (they only need to hear "do you" before they get all excited and dance around) on the hills above the town. It's only a little steep and you get up there pretty quickly, with a lovely view of the town.

View of BlagoevgradA view of Blagoevgrad.

We had only been walking a little while when she saw a storm coming straight at us and so we started to head back. I delayed us a little by looking at the lovely rocks on the path and Christina and I dug up a lovely chuck of red-limned marble, which I'm hauling home. Crazy, I know. I'm one of the few people I know who almost always ends up bringing back rocks from wherever I go.

family & stormFamily walking bravely into the storm. Note the red, red earth.


Luckily my delays didn't cause us to get wet, as at the last minute the storm veered away up the valley. Still we continued home and stopped by the bakery to pick up a fresh loaf of bread for dinner. Mmm.

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