August 19 to 30, 2003

London to Noss Head

*To the Lighthouse

    August 2003
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Thursday August 21st

Got a cab to Paddington, the fast train to Heathrow, a belated nearly bus-like plane to Edinburgh, the smaller plane to Wick, a cab to the lighthouse, and here we are. It's lovely here. Immediately I felt happy. Wind, lots of sky, a lighthouse, sheep, ponies, a lovely big house to ramble in. Got a bit settled in, then got a taxi to Wick, where I bought an ordnance survey map, few Scottish books for research, then we bought some bakery goods at the bakery, bacon and a meat pie at the butchers, Christina and Matt bought heavy boots at the fishing/sporting goods store, and then we visited the tourist board office and got some postcards and collected brochures, then bought a bounty of groceries whereupon I got tired and stupid. Then we took a taxi back here. I sat then and was useless for a while, but enjoyed the lovely skies, especially as the sun set.

Noss Head SunsetSunset at Noss Head. Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe are the tiny squares at the left, silhouetted against the sea.


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