August 19 to 30, 2003

Noss Head Lighthouse


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Saturday August 23rd

Nasty, crampy, coughy, yucky still pretty sleepless Neile but the day was okay. Gray and still some windy.

Wasn't up for much, especially in the morning, as I washed my hair and didn't want to go out with it wet feeling as I did. So I had a quiet morning. In the afternoon we went into Wick to repeat Thursday's shopping trip, making a nearly identical circuit. Did add phone messages to Jim in at the end, as he was sleeping and didn't wake up in time to get the phone. (He left a message later with our landlord to tell us that.)

After returning home, we decided to go and explore a beach Christina had found earlier.



walkiesChristina, Brutus/Slip, and Matthew hit the trail.


the bayThe beach Christina found.


remnantsEvidence of past culture.


As you can see, it was a lovely clean beach, full of rocky and sandy bits. Great to explore. Few shells, though, other than limpets or still-inhabited whelks. Clear water, the tide coming in, trailing seaweed bits and crashing over the rocks. The broken stones have all kind of lovely erosion patterns. I picked up a rock with white markings on it that look like people dancing.


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