August 19 to 30, 2003

Noss Head Lighthouse


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Monday August 25th

Darn. Only one good night and I'm back to having trouble getting to sleep. Annoying after sleeping so well the night before. At least I don't feel too tired today, and Matt and Christina seem to be having a slow morning as well. Christina due to a migraine, alas. Thank the gods for drugs and better living through chemistry is all I can say. I wish we could do as much for the common cold. Sigh.

Another quiet morning. Eventually Christina suggested a walk, and the three of us wandered out. The ponies mugged us again for carrots.

Matt and the poniesMatt and the friendly (brown) and the shy (black) pony.


We walked across the fields and along the cliffs. Just past the castle Christina stopped us. I couldn't figure out why but there was a rustling in the grass, a small one, coming towards me. I was just at the corner of a fence where the grass was thick, but it only paused there, then came out past the fence and stopped to stare at me: a little caramel-coloured weasely beast with a white bib, cute as anything and only about six inches long. Painfully cute. Its frozen moment passed and it ducked back into the brush. Apparently there had been three of them, playing, obviously just babies. Wonderment.

We paused on the outcropping just beyond the castle where we'd spent so much time yesterday. Matt stayed there while Christina and I went just a little way further where some huge cormorants were handing out on a sea stack. Found a place that had obviously been a look-out--there was dressed stone there, and several huge burrows, too big for rabbits or even hares you would think. We paused there for a while, but the cormorants didn't do more than just look around. The gulls swooped near us along the coast. I went back to wait with Matt while Christina did some more beach clambering. Then she came back up, Matt went back to the house for oatmeal and eventually we followed.

Did little the rest of the evening but watched several DVDs and ate dinner. Now again it's late at night and I can't sleep. I was sleepy but coughed myself wide awake. Got up and did the dishes, and now this. Maybe I'll read for a while now.


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