August 19 to 30, 2003

Noss Head Lighthouse

*At day at home at Noss Head Lighthouse

    August 2003
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Tuesday August 26th

A quiet day. Christina sewed on my eye of the god cover, I don't think I even went for a walk, did I? I don't remember already. I know I had a nap in the sun at one point. Late-ish in the afternoon, we did go into Wick, picked up some more postcards and food and ate dinner out, Christina bought new suitcases, we chatted, and plotted a day trip tomorrow to Orkney. Our landlord kindly drove us in, and we got to see the amazing sight of Brutus/Slip running along with the car all the way into Noss. He can run amazingly quickly--I think Ian Sinclair said 26 mph, and quite a long way and he clearly adores it. Mr. Sinclair also showed us Staxigoie Harbour, the little hamlet close to us at the north of Wick. It's a pretty place.

Since I have so little to say, here are some pictures of the day.  


Isha sewingChristina at rest from sewing the eye of the god [1] cover.


Isha & MattChristina and Matt.


sunsetAnother lovely sunset.


1. The eye of the god = TV. Christina even backed the cover with evil eye protection fabric so that Nixon won't be able to look out the TV and see what we're doing. Can you see how gorgeous the fabric is? And she sewed all sorts of other magical charms on it. There never will have been an eye of the god better covered than mine.

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