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Les Semaines is a weekly journal.

Each week has an entry on what I'm thinking and doing, what I'm listening to, what I'm reading, what I'm writing, and retrospective entries from my earlier hand-written journals. Each week can be read as a whole, or the subject areas can be read across time. In other words, you can read or ignore sections as suits your fancy.

FYI, I usually, but not always, update the journal late on Sundays.

If you get tired of waiting for me to post here, you might check out my Livejournal--it's mostly reposts of entries here, but there are some additional brief entries as well.

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Recent entries:


July 11: Updateless

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

December 31: Year-End Report

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

May 29: May Is Slipping Away

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

May 1: Hooray, Hooray, The First of May

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

April 24: All The Things

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

January 23: A Childhood Razed and Bulldozed

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

January 16: I am an Addict

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal

January 9: Carefully, Carefully

thinking and doing § listening § reading § writing § old journal


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My Clarion West 1996 journal is here.

Travel Journals:

About Me:

In response to a lot of questions, you pronounce my first name like the boy's name "Neil", just as though there were no "e" at the end. Or as I sometimes say, it's "Kneel!".

There is a brief biography here and a chronology of my life, and you can find out a lot about me from my news and writing pages. There is also a page about my favourite music at The Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music and a list of some of my favourite books.

About my old journals:

This journal began as something called The Phonosnout, which I started scrawling in a notebook in Fall 1974 at the beginning of grade 11. I had just turned 16 and had started senior high school. Unfortunately, in the early years of the journal, entries were numbered rather than dated, so I've had to guess at many dates. I named it "The Phonosnout" after a poem I'd run across in a school poetry anthology I was published in. It was a delightful and silly poem about a carefree imaginary creature that caught my fancy.

The journal changed as I did, and this is why I have been interested in revisiting it, though there are huge gaps. I'm interested in who I have been--the ways in which I've changed and the ways I haven't at all. Another rationale was that at the beginning of the novel I was working on when I started this journal, the main character was the same age I was when I began The Phonosnout.

I have tried to let the journal stand for itself, not editing it but only correcting the most egregious grammar and spelling errors. Other people wrote in this journal in early days, and I'm going to assume that them writing in my journal, knowing that many people at the time read the journal, was implicit permission to count their entries as part of the journal. It really would be pulling too many threads to remove them now. Sections written by other people appear in red. Unfortunately I quoted a lot of song lyrics in the journal--unfortunately I say, because for copyright issues I have omitted them here. I have tried to identify them as clearly as I can so that the ideas I was trying to get across by quoting them aren't lost.

To those of you with weak stomachs or a low tolerance for fundamentalist religion as I now have (actually because of these events) WARNING I underwent a religious conversion shortly after the journal started and it took me a long time to recover. I was preachy.

In later entries you will find lots of early drafts of poems. I have often put the final versions of the poems in the notes section, so you can see a bit of my writing process--the before and after pictures, at least--for those of you interested in such things.



Email comments, questions, and complaints to neile@sff.net

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