I admit it.

After all, no one would believe me if I denied it. I am in fact, a gamer. I'm not quite sure what the point of being a child was, I spend more time dealing with games now than I ever did then. So it's only fitting that there be space here dedicated to the obsession that takes up most of my time, and nearly all of my discretionary income.

The first commercial game I ever worked on was Empire II: The Art of War, published by New World Computing. You might still be able to find copies of the Windows 95 version, but they're most likely to be hiding in the discount bin, if anywhere.

I spent a long stint at Kesmai Studios, working on the online CRPG Legends of Kesmai, the latest incarnation of one of the first of the commercial online worlds. Memorial day, 2000, Legends of Kesmai shut down, ending 15 years of operation.

Most recently, I've been at Red Storm Entertainment, working on the Rainbow Six line, Force 21, and the core Red Storm networking technology. Currently, I'm the lead programmer on an unannounced title.

As far as traditional gaming, I'm playing in three live action Vampire games at NC State, and running a live action Mage game.

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