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Trinoc*coN 2000
Trinoc*coN 2000 is a mainstream Science Fiction convention being run in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, starting in the fall of 2000.


Tai Seng
Tai Seng is a supplier of Hong Kong films into the United States market. In addition to selling legitimate copies of Asian releases, they have begun to aquire the rights to do new prints of existing films. These new editions are letterboxed, and have yellow subtitles. I can't praise Tai Seng highly enough, they produce a good product, their staff are knowledgable, accessable, and friendly, and they have an enormous selection. Moreover, they will tell you the quality of the prints over the phone; no surprises when the tape arrives.

TROMA Online
What can I say. It's B movies with a vengeance. Tromaville Online, now featuring such classics as the Director's Cut of Surf Nazis Must Die and Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD

Friends and Family:

Christopher Alex North-Keys
A good friend, a brilliant sysadmin, and a demented musician. What more could you ask for?

Game Development:

International Game Developers Network
The World Wide Web headquarters of the newly formed International Game Developers Network. The IGDN is a non-profit organization which was formed to represent the interests of the software game developer.

Game Developers Conference
CGDC is the conference for computer games. All aspects of the industry, from design, to publishing, to marketing, production, and support are covered.

Gamasutra is a superb game design, development, production, and marketing site produced and run by CMP, the same people who put on the Computer Game Developers Conference

"I Have No Words & I Must Design"
Greg Costikyan's superb essay on the design of games. A must read for anyone seriously interested in game design, whether for paper or electronic media.


The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database
This is an astounding find, and an example of the sort of publishing that this medium makes possible. This fully searchable database contains more than 6000 folk songs (traditional and songs of the folk revival).

Dirty Linen Tour Schedules
Dirty Linen magazines comprehensive tour schedule for traditional music in North America.

Dunkeld Records/Dougie MacLean
Dougie MacLean is perhaps the finest singer/songwriter living today. His works, on the Dunkeld label, are spellbinding, and his live performances are simply unbelievable. If you haven't listened to his work, and you have any interest in acoustic music at all, you need to take a listen.

The Prism Coffeehouse
The Prism Coffehouse is a Charlottesville institution. For more than 30 years it has been a home for live acoustic music and storytelling in Central Virginia.

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