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Years ago, I was introduced to Jackie Chan films at the birthday party of the spouse of a good friend.

In 1996, I was reintroduced to Jackie Chan when New Line Cinema released Rumble in the Bronx. Shortly after rediscovering Jackie Chan, I was introduced to the card game Shadowfist and later the RPG Feng Shui, games set in a Universe in which the worlds depicted in Hong Kong cinema were real. Since then it has been a great delight for me to discover a whole world of movies which Hollywood would just never make.

Fortunately, some of them are readily available in the United States. John Woo's masterpiece, The Killer can be found in any Suncoast store. Be sure to get the unrated, yellow-subtitled edition. This film is in my opinion, one of the finest ever made.

For films not readily available, there is mail order. But here caution is advised. Hong Kong films are often produced in many versions (and for that matter, many languages), to obtain a quality and legal copy it is advisable to deal only with reputable sources. I highly recommend discussion of Hong Kong cinema hosted right here at SFF Net. Follow the link, or point your newsreader to and look for sff.movies.hong-kong.

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