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Litera Scripta Manet (The Written Word Endures)

About Me

Patricia Bray began her career writing historical novels set in Regency-era England before making the leap to epic fantasy with the sale of her "Sword of Change" trilogy. A resident of Upstate New York, Patricia balances her writing with a full-time career as an I/T project manager.

In 2003 her novel DEVLIN'S LUCK received the Compton Crook award for the best first novel in the field of Science Fiction or Fantasy. The award is presented annually by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.

When not writing, Patricia's passions include Farscape, Celtic music, and a fondness for microbrews. An omnivorous reader, she shares living space with several thousand books acquired over the last quarter century. Recently she was surprised to discover that many of the paperbacks acquired in her youth are now considered classics.

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