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The Chronicles of Josan

The story of a scholar who is unwillingly swept into international intrigue and discovers his soul is, perhaps literally, not his own.

The First Betrayal

Cover illustration by Steve Stone for The First Betrayal by Patricia BrayOrphan, exile, priest, Josan lives a humble life as a lighthouse keeper, his past forgotten by everyone--including himself. Lady Ysobel Flordelis of Alcina is a spy posing as a diplomat, sent to Ikaria to stir up rebellion, when a chance encounter with Josan sets off a deadly chain of events. Now, as Ysobel navigates the treacherous intrigues of the Ikarian court, Josan will be forced to leave his island exile and embark on a dangerous journey to unlock the secrets of his past. The question is, who can he trust, when he can't even trust himself? Click here to read an excerpt.

The Sea Change

Cover illustration by Steve Stone for The Sea Change by Patricia BrayWhen the imperial family is assassinated, few are pleased at the transformation of Prince Lucius from condemned prisoner to Emperor of Ikaria. As he fights to secure his throne he also wages a deadly battle within himself—as the two souls trapped in his body vie for supremacy. Meanwhile, his nemesis Lady Ysobel has returned home in disgrace, where her former allies seek to rid themselves of her. When war is declared, she is sent on a mission meant to ensure her death—now she must fight not just for survival, but to shape the future of both countries. Click here to read an excerpt.

The Final Sacrifice

Cover illustration by Steve Stone for The Final Sacrifice by Patricia BrayEmperor Lucius has led his people to victory, but is losing a private war within himself, as the spell which bound his soul to that of the monk Josan is now unraveling, threatening to destroy them both. Their only hope lies in the forbidden magic teachings of a distant land. Reluctantly abandoning his empire, Lucius secretly embarks upon a desperate journey, pursued by his former enemy Lady Ysobel of Seddon. But when a new war threatens all that he has fought for, he must choose between his own salvation or learning to wield the very magic that will destroy him. Click here to read an excerpt.


The Sword of Change Series

The story of Devlin of Duncaer is the classic story of a stranger in a strange land, the outsider who has nothing to lose, and thus finds himself at the center of events that will transform the world he lives in.

Devlin's Luck

Cover illustration by San Julian for Devlin's Luck by Patricia BrayWinner of the 2003 Compton Crook award
Devlin, a foreign metalsmith with a mysterious past, arrives in the Kingdom of Jorsk. To everyone's surprise, he wins the post of Chosen One, defender of the realm. Devlin proves himself a true hero by defeating both human enemies and magical creatures, but it is the task of uncovering a traitor within the King's court that proves the greatest challenge of all. Click here to read an excerpt.


Devlin's Honor

Cover illustration by San Julian for Devlin's Honor by Patricia BrayThe courtiers soon forget Devlin's heroism, and before long he finds his position in court undermined by those who say that only one who wields the Sword of Light can be the true Chosen One. It is an impossible condition, for the mystical sword had been lost forty years earlier. As Devlin returns to his homeland in search of the sword, he must also confront his past. Devlin finds the sword, but before he can return to Jorsk he must quell an uprising by his own people, and confront a magician intent on destroying him. Click here to read an excerpt.


Devlin's Justice

Cover illustration by San Julian for Devlin's Honor by Patricia BrayWar comes to Jorsk, but in this hour of peril the Chosen One is nowhere to be found. His friends fear that he has been murdered, but the truth is even more chilling, for Devlin was betrayed and handed over to his enemies. Seemingly abandoned by those he trusted, Devlin must find a way to escape from his captor-- an evil mind-sorcerer intent on unlocking the power of the Geas spell. Devlin's freedom comes at a terrible cost, and now he must choose between his desire for vengeance, and his duty to the people of Jorsk. Click here to read an excerpt.


The Sword of Change series has been picked up by a Russian publisher. You can click here to see the cover for the Russian edition of Devlin's Luck.


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Check your local bookstore or any of these F&SF-friendly stores: Amazon (internet), Bakka-Phoenix Books (Canada), Barnes & Noble (various), Borderlands (CA), Borders (various), Clarkesworld Books (internet), Dreamhaven Books (MN), Flights of Fantasy (NY), McNally Robinson (Canada), Mysterious Galaxy (CA), The Other Change of Hobbit (CA), Pages for All Ages (IL), Pandemonium Books & Games (MA), Saint Mark's (NY), Toadstool (NH), University Book Store (WA).


About The Sword of Change series

The central character is Devlin of Duncaer, a man who has lost everything that gave his life meaning. Only his obligations to his brother's family keep him from seeking the oblivion that he craves. In his wanderings he arrives in the Kingdom of Jorsk, where the King has offered a generous reward to anyone who will fill the position of Chosen One, champion of the Kingdom. Devlin eagerly accepts, for the reward will provide for his brother's family, while the position itself is a certain sentence of death.

The character of Devlin came to me as I was thinking about survivor's guilt. What would it be like to be the sole survivor of a massacre? How could you reconcile your survival, when every one you loved had perished? And what if others also blamed you for surviving, convinced that you had not tried hard enough to defend those who had died?

Thus was born Devlin's story. Originally I conceived this as a single book, but soon realized the intricacies of the characters and conflicts would require multiple books to fully explore.



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