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Appearances and Events

2009's schedule was crazy. Every month had at least one convention, booksigning, trip out of state, or sometimes all three. In 2010 I'm trying to keep things more manageable. Here's what I have on tap so far.

May 2010

Balticon, May 28th-31st, Baltimore, MD.

July 2010

The Prouty Bike Ride, annual cancer fundraiser, to be held July 10th, 2010.

October 2010

ComicCon New York, Oct 8th-10th, New York, NY.

World Fantasy Convention, Oct 28th-31st, Columbus, Ohio.


Here's what was up in 2009. In addition to the activities below, I traveled for business, took a vacation in Cape Cod, a bike trip in South Dakota and then capped off the year in Florida.

January 2009

Booksigning, January 17th @ 2:00 PM, Waldenbooks, Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY. A multi-author signing.

Booksigning, January 24th @ 2:00 PM, Barnes & Noble, Hackensack, NJ. Another multi-author signing.

February 2009

Boskone, February 13th-15th, Boston, MA.

May 2009

Balticon, May 22nd-25th, Baltimore, MD.

June 2009

Booksigning, June 20th, @ 1:00 PM, Center Court, Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY. A multi-author signing sponsored by Waldenbooks and the Oakdale Mall. Click here to learn more.

Guest lecturer at the 2009 Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop. Among other planned activities, I'll be lecturing on the hero-sidekick relationship.

July 2009

July 11, 2009, the annual Prouty bike ride to raise money for cancer research and treatment. Click here to find out more or to sponsor me.

August 2009

Anticipation, 2009 Worldcon, August 6th-10th, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Unable to attend due to schedule conflicts.

September 2009

Booksigning, September 26th, from 1PM till 4PM, Barnes & Noble, Poughkeepsie, NY, a multi-author signing.

October 2009

Albacon, October 9-11, Albany, NY.

World Fantasy Convention, October 29th - November 1st, San Jose, CA.

November 2009

Booksigning, November 8th, Noon till 4PM, Barnes & Noble, Ledgewood, New Jersey, a multi-author signing by the Magnificent 7.

December 2009

Booksigning, December 5th, Noon till 4PM, Waldenbooks, Oakdale Mall, Johnson City, NY. Last hurrah, multi-author signing by the Magnificent 7.



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