Robert Weinberg

Bob has an amazing collection of classic science fiction books, magazines, comics, and paintings. He's respected worldwide as an authority on science fiction, fantasy, and horror-- both literature and art--from the period covering 1900 through 1960. He's published over a hundred articles on these subjects, serves as a creative consultant to major film producers, and handles major art and book deals worldwide.

His love of the genres began as a child and continued throughout his teens, when he read approximately twenty science fiction novels every week. (He can quote, verbatim, entire scenes from everything he's ever read.)

With his father, Bob attended some of the first science fiction conventions ever held, where he met luminaries in the field such as John W. Campbell Jr, Isaac Asimov, Randall Garrett, Frederik Pohl, H. Warner Munn, Robert Bloch, L. Sprague de Camp, Donald Wollheim, Sam Moskowitz, Samuel R. Delany, Robert A.W. Lowndes, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, Walter Gibson, Frank Belknap Long, Margaret Brundage, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Hugh B. Cave, Karl Edward Wagner, and many others.

Still in his teens, he started buying and selling science fiction art and books, basically swapping with other fans to obtain his most beloved genre materials. While in college, majoring in engineering--and later in theoretical math for his master's and PhD programs--Bob found himself living in a cramped apartment with hundreds of paintings and thousands of science fiction books.

Forget engineering and math. Bob quit his job as a college professor and turned full focus on collecting and dealing science fiction art and books. For more than twenty years, he ran Weinberg Books, which he recently sold to write and edit fiction fulltime. During that time, he also owned Weird Tales Magazine and the Chicago Comicon, and was vice president of Argosy Communications.

Two examples of Bob's favorite pulp covers are shown below.

Luckily, if you can wait for the image to appear on your screen, you can view an extraordinary painting by Virgil Finlay; one of Technohell's many Finlay favorites.

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