THIS was fun. The client had a Honda Z50 minibike and wanted images of the model Kerry Marie and tribal graphics on it. I had to prep it, base coat it, paint it, and finally clear coat it. It was a really involving job. "If I had to do it over again..." I'd do some different things.

It was orange. Five parts, the tank, front forks, frame, and front & rear fenders. I had to do some putty work on the tank as it had a few dings in the sides. Primer and all paint was Createx Auto Air. Pearlized Black went over the black base coat. All tribal graphics were Aluminum (fine). I believe I should have used a different primer as Auto Air is good on many different surfaces but there were some adhesion problems with the Auto Air primer coat on the plastic fenders.

The client provided some graphics of Kerry Marie, a beautiful and full-figured woman. I had doubts I could execute the graphics but kept at it and eventually it was done. That's really how it's done, just keep going. Fix your mistakes and keep at it.

I used frisket film for body parts and the tribal graphics. Some brushwork for the fine details on her body. Auto Air is a water-based paint that can be cured with a heat gun, and one thing I learned was to remove frisket before curing with a heat gun, as the adhesive will remain on the surface as you remove the film. I won't do that again, it was a mess to have to clean that off, resand, repaint.

I apologize for the bad photo quality, as I took some interim shots of the tank sides during painting (no tribals at that point), then the camera batteries died as I was taking the final shots.

I think the client liked it.

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top of tank
left side fenders
right side