I submitted four pieces to the 2006 Ad Astra art show, March 31- April 02. Three were for sale. My camera flash exposed some flaws that weren't readily visible to the naked eye; interestingly, these were on the two illustration board pieces and not on those done on masonite.

I sold two, Flame Dancer and Wood Nymph. Both of these were painted on gessoed masonite, so I think I'm going to keep with that as a painting surface.

Here they are:

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9th Doctor & Rose. Createx acrylics on illustration board, 16"x 20". Not for sale, as I don't think it's good enough to sell right now (but I did want to show it). Needs more work.

Wood Nymph. Createx acrylics on gessoed masonite. 16" x 20". Sold!

Flame Dancer. Createx Auto Air acrylics on gessoed masonite, 18" x 24". Just your basic demoness. Irridescent yellow flames. Sold!

Hello, Moon. Createx acrylics on illustration board, 15" x 18".