A couple of pictures of a motorcycle rear fender I airbrushed in 2005. The paint is Createx Auto Air, and you see it here without a clear coat.

It was a copy of an existing fender that the client needed to replace. Pretty straightforward. The original version had starbursts made with the edge of a card or something; I cut a slot in a piece of card and used that, turning it 90 degrees for the second ray. Text was simply a matter of laying down some frisket over the original text, tracing it, cutting, then spraying colour and highlights on the new fender. There's blue and aqua colours not apparent in the picture background (the lake) as photographed. I put more detail in the bike as well.

The prep work and final clear coat & finishing was done by the people at DareDevil Kustoms.

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copy of original
original and copy