I enjoy doing the unusual, custom pieces. The client had a stock dark green fibreglass MacMillan rifle stock, and he wanted some work done. A maple leaf pattern as you would see on a forest floor, some twigs, some leaves curled up more than others. Yellowish-green leaves overlaid on each other, some water droplets for highlights, with shadows to break up the outline. It's important to have to keep the roughened grip areas the same without building up heavy paint layers.
And the clear coat at the end must be matte, not glossy as not to alert the prey (though that's not a problem with paper targets).

Also, gun cleaning solvents are a factor, so I had to take some care with the clear coat.

My camera flash gives it a bit more shine than it appears to the naked eye. I photographed it on a shirt painting board with a grey sweater stretched
across it so it's a neutral surface with no glare from the board.

I used a matte polyuethane clear. The client was impressed enough to pay me extra. Thanks! As long as he's not too messy with the cleaning solvents, it should be fine.

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left side
left side, rear
right side
left side, front
right rear right front
top view