This is a very crude page layout, I know... some portraits I painted over the years. Surfaces are canvas, illustration board, masonite, fabric, leather. Sizes are if I remember them or wrote them down.

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I think this was the first portrait I ever painted. Acrylics on canvas board.
The client's son had died some time before, and this was a gift for his wife.

Kurt Cobain, leather jacket. Createx acrylics.

Python Girl, Createx Auto Air acrylics on gessoed masonite, 18" x 24". Based on Frank Frazetta's Cat Girl image. Sorry for the glare, that's natural lighting on a glossy clear coat.
See a Closeup picture here.

Romana & 4th Doctor, acrylics on canvas board, 20" x 24". This is a copy of a still from the Doctor Who story Shada. The pic was B&W so I added some colour as I saw fit. Tom Baker's scarf has a lot of colour; I might have been off on their order.

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, the 9th & 10th Doctor's companion from the Doctor Who TV series. Createx acrylics on Peterboro No. 27 illustration board, 15" x 20".
I don't like the lettering on the police box sign... I'll have to correct it.

The Fernandez family. Createx acrylics on 24" x 36" canvas board

Baby Asia. Createx acrylics on canvas board, 18" x 24".


Grace Park as Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii from the Battlestar Galactica TV series. Createx acrylics on a piece of fabric, I think 50/50 cotton/polyester.

Gazalle, A coworker of mine from Summer 2005 at the Paramount Canada's Wonderland amusement park. Createx acrylics on a piece of fabric, I think 16" x 20"

This was a gift for her boyfriend, airbrushed acrylics on canvas board, 16" x 20".
Click here to see a larger version (453 kb)