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New Release:

Retribution, by Elizabeth Forrest


DAW Books
May 1998
ISBN 0-88677-779-8

Driven since childhood to paint the visions she sees in her nightmares, Charlie has found fame and fortune through these powerful works of art. But what neither she nor anyone else at first realizes is that her visions are true--reflecting events both past and to come. And the first person who does discover this is a cold-blooded killer whose crimes and identity may soon be revealed--unless Charlie herself becomes the stalker's next victim.
RETRIBUTION is a fascinating work of psychological suspense that grips the audience from start to finish. ... This is great work from an author who will soon be recognized as the dean of psychological horror thrillers.
-- Harriet Klausen

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DAW Books
May 1997
ISBN 0-88677-738-0

Spense could taste the rise of smoke in the air. It crept in through the fissures, through the breaches in the room, the tunnel, damning them all. He could not get the girl out, let alone himself, if smoke overcame him. He took a step forward. Gunnar's hand and blade flashed down to Jennifer's neck. "My faithful will protect me."

Read more of this excerpt from this book by Elizabeth Forrest.

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DAW Books
May 1996
ISBN 0-88677-695-3

"Brand knew far too much about the dark side of life. Given experimental virtual reality treatments by a psychiatrist with a deadly obsession of her own, Brand must now fight a constant struggle with the persona of a serial killer implanted in his brain. But he would soon learn that there were even worse things in the world. He was about to be cursed with the power to see things no one ever should--things like the unstoppable force of evil and destruction called...KillJoy."

This contemporary thriller deals with the redemption of a fourteen year old boy who crosses paths with a young woman trying to outrun a past of her own and a derelict betrayed by his country trying to find answers to questions no one should have asked.

"...Elizabeth Forrest's KILLJOY, comes with a notable pedigree. This page-turner stars Brand, one of the characters from ... Death Watch, also from DAW, (which) earned spots on both the Walden and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists, and in one week's time jumped a whopping 101 places up the USA Today list..."
-- PW, Jan. 15, 1996
"Once again, Elizabeth Forrest demonstrates her incredible talent by creating a new and exciting work that mixes elements from the horror, suspense, and thriller genres. This combination forms a bright one of a kind reading experience. This is one new star who will go very far, very fast."
-- Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Zone
"...a novel with all the gusto, exuberance and color of a major entertainment ... Clearly Elizabeth Forrest is a novelist with a great deal of talent as a storytelling entertainer."
-- Ed Bryant, Locus, June 1996
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DAW Books
May 1995
ISBN 0-88677-648-1

Read the book that launched Elizabeth Forrest into national bestselling fame!

A contemporary thriller about a young woman, fleeing an abusive relationship, who gets caught up in a whirlwind of terror between serial killers and a psychiatrist who preys on the fragile personalities of her patients and a veteran newspaperman who may be her only hope.

"I hope that Elizabeth Forrest becomes a household name...as she deserves to be."
-- Dean R. Koontz
"Ms. Forrest's...talents are taking readers on a voyage to the cutting edge of a new genre. DEATH WATCH is a literary landmark blending elements from three very different genres to create something new, dynamic, and exceedingly evocative."
-- The Paperback Forum
...one of the best paperback originals published this year ... a dark and dazzling suspense novel that does something brand new with the theme of serial killers and virtual reality. Forrest's style is cool, poised and always ready to pounce."
-- Ed Gorman, Mystery Scene
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Elizabeth Forrest.

Praise for previous Elizabeth Forrest novels:

From Dean R. Koontz, for DARK TIDE: "One of those big, scary, colorful adventure stories...the real stuff, a rare pleasure."

Locus, for PHOENIX FIRE: "She's got... bestseller potential!"

RETRIBUTION, DAW Books, May 1998, ISBN 0-88677-779-8
KILLJOY, DAW Books, May 1996, ISBN 0-88677-695-3
BRIGHT SHADOW, DAW Books, May 1997
BLOODFIRE, DAW Books, Winter 1997
DEATH WATCH, DAW Books, June 1995, ISBN 0-88677-648-1
DARK TIDE, DAW Books, Oct.1993, ISBN 0-88677-560-4
PHOENIX FIRE, DAW Books, March 1992, ISBN 0-88677-515-9

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