My current setup:

    Micron Pentium 133 now upgraded to a 200mhz
         32 megs ram
         2 Western Digital hard drives - total storage = 3.7 gigabytes
         Supra Express 56i modem
         Soundblaster AWE32 soundcard blasting through a pair of
            Altec Lansing speakers with a sub-woofer system.
         #9 Motion 771 video card with 4 megs VDram allowing 16
            million colors at a resolution of 1024x768 on a 17"
         Conner Travan-3 tape drive
         Hitachi 8X CD-drive
         HP 722c inkjet for quality printouts
         Epson FX83 for draft printouts
         HP 5spe scanner
         Iomega JAZ 1gb drive
     Software in use:
         Netscape Navigator Gold v3.01
         Keyboard Express v2.0
         Netscan (used to track down spammers)
         Norton Utilities (better tools than win95's)
         MS Works 4.0
         SimCity 2000
         Doom II
         Anything else I feel like putzing with.
     My wish list:
         digital camera (at least 640x480 rez - 800x600 better)
         cd recorder (6x read - 2x write minimum)
         notebook computer (so I can play solitare at lunch)
         Basically, any of the lastest, fastest and neato gizmos

Seen enough? Let's go home then.