In most cases this software can be used on either a Windows 3.x or Windows 95 system. Where the software is for Win95 only, I have indicated this in the description. To download any of this software just click the graphic to the left of the description.

Keyboard Express - ideal for filling in those online sweepstakes forms and any other repetitive typing tasks you might have. Works with virtually any program.

Service Pack I - Windows95 update. Fixes some of the bugs in the original release of Windows95 (v. 4.00.950). A must if you are experiencing low memory problems with your programs. Win95 only.

Cuteftp - one of the easiest to use ftp programs available. Easy to understand Explorer-like interface makes uploading and downloading a breeze.

Winzip - a must have utility if you plan on doing any downloading from the internet.

Netscan - if you hate spam and spammers as much as I do then this is a must have program. Track down those elusive spammers and complain to the right people with this program.

TweakUI - if you don't like the way a certain part of Windows95 looks or operates then try this program to customize many aspects of win95 not normally accessible, such as the mouse, Explorer, desktop, system startup and many more. Win95 only.

Powertoys - adds even more customization to Windows95. Perhaps the best is QuickRes which allows you to change screen resolutions without rebooting the system. Also includes TweakUI. Win95 only.

MTU Speed - improve your connection to the internet by setting your MTU, or, Maximum Transmission Units, to 576. Win95 only.

DLL Informant - Let's you see all of the dll's installed on your system and in most cases, what programs use those dll's. DLL's are Dynamic Link Libraries that contain information a program uses, such as the design and layout of toolbar buttons. Win95 only.

Regclean - you'll want to run this program if you do a lot of installs and uninstalls with Windows95 programs. Win95 only.

Shockwave - Download the most current version of Shockwave for your system through this link.

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