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Since the newsgroup has taken on a life of it's own and folks are asking questions about one of the best programs ever made for online sweepstaking, this web site will provide a FAQ page for Keyboard Express as well as for Windows95.

Warning! I make no guarantees that the information I offer will work for you. It works for me, on my setup. Curious as to what my setup is? Click the magic link to see what my computer system is like.

Something new for my friends. I now have a page set up that lets you download some of the software that I've recommended. Hope you enjoy this page.

Those who have been following my newsgroup know I'm not fond of spam. Sites and newsgroups devoted to fighting that scourge of the internet can be found on my anti-spam page. Help promote responsible internet commerce and stamp out spam.

Newsgroups that contain a lot of information abound in usenet. My isp, for example, carries over 34,000 usenet newgroups. I've set up a link page to some of those that relate to computers (the PC variety) as well as provide you a link to a pretty good source for information if you're having a problem with your windowed system.

The FAQ's and only the FAQ's. That is what you will find on this page. This is the place to check for basic info and tips on using Windows95 and Keyboard Express. The FAQ and Rules of Conduct for my newsgroup can be found via this link.

I'll be adding some screen shots to go with the FAQ's to give you a visual idea of what to look for when I explain how to do something. The picture page will be the place to visit for those. Some of the FAQ pages also have links to screen shots to give you a visual idea of what is being talked about.

I hope you'll take a moment to sign my guest book. I would like to know who has been by and if you have anything to say about my website.

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