FAQ for Sweepstakes Addicts Survival Center
Created 11/25/97
Last Modified 11/30/97

Under ideal circumstances the posting of rules of conduct and usage for this newsgroup would be unneccessary. Since circumstances are never ideal, this FAQ will spell out the proper conduct and usage I expect from the users of this newsgroup. Since I am the moderator as well as the host for this newsgroup, and since I have paid for the privelage of having this newsgroup available, if you wish to participate then you follow my rules, as well as the general rules of conduct established by sff.net.

1) There will be no posting of copyrighted materials to this newsgroup. You may, however, quote an excerpt from an article or book to help illustrate a point. Please include the author or source of the information being quoted wherever possible. Unless you have the permission of the originator of an email, except for headers of spam, there will be no posting or quoting of email to this newsgroup.

2) There will be a zero tolerance policy towards spamming and flame wars. This newsgroup is devoted to helping each other with techy questions. It is not a playground for the immature and inconsiderate buffoons that seem to find news an ideal place to advertise their wares or their lack of common courtesy or intelligence.

I will send an email to any person engaging in flames and ask them to cease and desist immediately. Failure to comply will result in further action being taken, up to and including requesting the help of not only sff.net but the flamer's isp in denying access to this newsgroup.

You spam my newsgroup? I only hope you have another isp lined up because I will vigorously complain to your present one and demand that you cease such activities immediately. I have less tolerance of spammers than I do of flamers and will demand that your isp cancel your account for spamming.

For those who are unsure what constitutes spam, I suggest you visit my website and follow the anti-spam links there. In this newsgroup the post becomes spam when it hits BI=1.

3) The primary focus of this newsgroup is to have a place to go when you need tech support and answers. I appreciate getting your emails, but, I would prefer you post all of your questions to the newsgroup. In this manner if I do not have an answer, or am unable to answer the email promptly, others who drop by here may know the answer and be able to provide a solution.

I know a little bit about many things, but I don't know a lot about some things. It's best to post to the newsgroup so that those who know things I don't are able to help.

4) There will be no posting of binaries or obscenities to this newsgroup. An occasional "I'll be damned" is permitted. Just ask yourself if what you post is appropriate for young children to read and see before hitting that send button. Binaries will be automatically deleted without warning. Obscenities will result in an email request to clean up your language.

I also request that those whose news/mail readers support html posting to turn the feature off when posting here. What may look fancy or makes use of some super-duper font you have on your system looks like trash to others whose news readers do not support html or do not have that super-duper font or have to squint because the 10pt font on your monitor looks huge while on my monitor I need a magnifying glass to read.

5) There is a web site associated with this newsgroup. Some of the basic questions, such as how to use scandisk and defrag, are located there. Please check the web site at http://www.sff.net/people/rich to see if your question is first answered there. From time to time, as time permits me, I will try to add more features to the web site.

If you have a question that I feel would be best answered via a tutorial at the web site, I will create another section and post an announcement to the newsgroup when it is done. If there is something you wish to see added to the web site, please use the guest book at the website to send your request. Be sure to choose the appropriate subject from the list when sending your submission.

6) To me there is no such thing as a stupid or silly question when it comes to computers. I encourage you to post any question you have to the newsgroup so that we all may learn and improve our understanding of these wonderous tools.

7) I reserve the right to modify, delete or change any rule in this newsgroup without notice or warning. This faq will be posted to the newsgroup whenever I feel it is needed and will always be posted at the web site.

8) You are free to create any links you wish to not only the newsgroup, but, to the website as well. I only ask that you use http://www.sff.net/people/rich as the link to the website.

8) This newsgroup is located on a private server, and as a result is not subject to the normal netiquette and attitudes that prevail in usenet. There are certain rules I must follow to keep this newsgroup. There are certain rules you must follow to enjoy using it. Common courtesy is the primary rule here. Be nice, or be gone.

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