Software. Software. Everywhere you look there are programs designed to enhance and improve the use of your computer. I haven't looked at all that is available in the shareware and freeware arena, but, what I have looked at and found to be worthwhile you'll find links to the best that I have found.

I fully support the concept of shareware, the try before you buy software, and urge you to do the same. If you like the program enough to use it, please register it so the concept of fine programs at reasonable prices continues. Freeware, of course, means it's free.

Some links will take you to my FTP site. Other links will take you to the home page for a particular piece of software. If you have any problems with any link, or, if there is a program you think I should add, please use the guest book to send me the information.

Most of the software you will find here is written for Windows95. For some, if you follow the links to the home pages, you will find versions for Windows3 as well.

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