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I am not the only one who despises spam. Everyone who has, at one time or another, gotten unsolicited junk email feels about it as I do. It's a waste of my time, my energy as well as my money. Unlike regular junk mail where the advertiser is paying the entire cost of delivering the junk to me, email spam costs the sender practically nothing to send, instead, shifting the burden of the cost to me, the recepient.

Spam has gotten totally out of hand in usenet. Many newsgroups are now worthless due to the excessive amounts of advertising and off-topic postings. Even one of my subscribed usenet newsgroups is getting flooded with totally irrelevant advertising. What the heck does alt.consumers.sweepstakes have to do with the sex sites on the web? People who want to frequent the sex newsgroups and the web sites are welcomed to do so. BUT, keep your bloody advertising and foul language out of discussion newsgroups and family oriented newsgroups.

There is hope, though. There are several dedicated people working hard to cancel the usenet spams as they appear. They can only cancel after the fact so the garbage does spread a bit. Plus, not all isp's will recognize these third party cancels. In any given month, though, a half million or better postings are whacked by the cancel-bots.

These are NOT content based cancels. The cancels are based on what is called the BI index. Basically, the BI index means a post becomes spam if the post, or a substantially identical post, is posted to more than 20 newsgroups in a 45 day period. Most spam hits the BI>20 threshold in the first five minutes.

For more information on what is being done and what can be done to stop the spread of spam in usenet, as well as the spread of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE for short), you can visit these sites and newsgroups. The newsgroups are not for the faint of heart as they will rip a spammer sixteen different ways from yesterday. Then start all over again on them. Still, they are a source of good information as to who is spamming, what isp's are good at trying to control the problem and what isp's don't give a damn.

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