A form to test setting up Keyboard Express

Nearly all of the form types you will encounter on the web are incorporated into this page. You can use this form to test your knowledge of Keyboard Express, or to setup a hotkey for your name and address. You can also use this page to test out your practice hotkey.

Please note: None of these fields will be transmitted. If you will notice, I have not included a submit button. The reset button does work and will clear all of the fields on this page. This page is here for practice purposes only.

Several check boxes. Fill in one or more with the space bar as you tab to each. Remember, the space bar acts like the a click of the mouse button with check boxes. Press space once to put the mark in. Press again to remove the mark.

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4 - This one is already checked. Uncheck it with the space bar
Box 5

This form element is called a drop down list box. You select one from the multiple choices. Remember, where you have more than one choice that begins with the same letter, repeated pressing of the letter will cycle you through the choices. There are three O choices in this form element.

Pick one:

Simple form that you can use to setup a hotkey for your name, address, city and zip. I put the phone number field last since that is not always present on some of the forms we find. You can also use this NAZ hotkey in other programs, like a word processor, where you may wish to add your name and address.

Your name:

Your address:

Your city:

Your state:

Your zipcode:

Your phone number:

Now for one of the most difficult form elements, the radio button. Radio buttons are used when you need to make ONE selection out of several. Unlike check boxes which allow you to make multiple choices, radio buttons allow you to make one and only one choice from the offerings.

Button 1:
Button 2:
Button 3:
Button 4:

Notice that you can only have one button marked in the above group of buttons.

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