Theme Anthology from Coleridge's Kubla Khan

This list includes stories with titles taken from lines in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's excellent poem, "Kubla Khan". In one case, the title is actually from Coleridge's commentary on the genesis of the poem (he dreamed it, and was writing it all down when interrupted by "a person from Porlock". He never remembered the rest of the poem.) I should also mention Jane Yolen's three fine original anthologies, Xanadu 1, 2 and 3, collections of fantasy stories. The title and the introductions, at least, are inspired by the poem. The one title I think I'm most surprised not to find is "A Damsel With a Dulcimer". I've left out "Demon Lover" stories because I suspect these are not inspired by this poem, but by ballads and legends. There is only one novel on the list, just recently suggested to me. Other than it, I can think only of questionable cases like Charles Eric Maine's Alph, and Victor Appleton's Tom Swift and the Caves of Ice. (A non-SF example is Robert Parker's fine Spenser novel A Savage Place.) If I'm wrong, either about specific information, or even to include the story at all, or if you know of any other stories that might fit the category, please email me at I'd also be intrigued to hear of other poems from which great quantities of stories have been taken.

Chris Amies "Down to a Sunless Sea" 1994 Three examples plus a close variant of this title.
Ray Bradbury "A Miracle of Rare Device" 1961 *
Marion Zimmer Bradley "Measureless to Man" 1962 Probably better known as "The Dark Intruder".
Thomas M. Disch "In Xanadu" 2001 *A fine story with chapter headings also derived from the poem.
Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanwick "Ancestral Voices" 1998 *
R. Garcia y Robertson "Into a Sunless Sea" 1994 The quote is not exact, but I'm sure it's derived from the poem.
David Graham Down to a Sunless Sea 1981 The only novel on my list.
Rivka Jacobs "The Milk of Paradise" 1994 This title appears twice.
Raymond F. Jones "The Person From Porlock" 1947 In the well-known recent anthology The Ascent of Wonder.
Syne Mitchell "Stately's Pleasure Dome" 2003 *
Kris Neville (writing as Henderson Starke) "As Holy and Enchanted" 1953 .
Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. "In Xanadu" 1976 *
Nat Schachner "Ancestral Voices" 1933 Three examples of this title!
S. M. Stirling "Ancestral Voices" 1994 Three examples of this title!
Cordwainer Smith "Down to a Sunless Sea" 1975 * (This story was completed by Paul Linebarger's wife Genevieve Linebarger.)
Brad Strickland "Beneath a Waning Moon" 1993 .
James Tiptree, Jr. "The Milk of Paradise" 1972 * A great story, my favorite of this list.
Stewart von Allmen "He on Honeydew" 1995 .
*I've personally read the stories with asterisks.