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Science Fiction and Fantasy

This page highlights those aspects of my site which concern SF. While I'm primarily a reader of Science Fiction, I also read a fair amount of Fantasy, and I take a pretty broad church view of definitions of SF. (I also read a good deal of "mainstream" fiction, and mysteries, and romance, and children's books, and I've explicitly left any non-SF reviews that I've done in my review list. Nobody should restrict themself to any one genre.) This page is largely just a reorganization of my home page, and it will duplicate some stuff that will remain there.

I'm including, for now, four areas of content on this "page", besides this introductory material. First, I have links to my reviews of a variety of books, mostly but not all SF. Some of these reviews have been published online at SF Site, and at Tangent Online. Others were posted to the Usenet newsgroups rec.arts.sf.reviews or rec.arts.sf.written, or to the non-propagated newsroups at SFF-Net and Dueling Modems. A few come from different sources. The second area is a few short, SF-related, lists. The third is a collection of some SF-related essays I've written, either for SF Site or just on my own. And, finally, I have some links to other interesting SF-oriented sites.

Reviews by me:

I've written a few reviews of books I've recently read (actually, now well over 100 reviews are linked from here). Some appeared in the SFF-Net and DM newsgroups, or on Usenet at rec.arts.sf.reviews, but I've put copies here. I've also spent some years reviewing for Dave Truesdale's excellent short fiction review 'zine, Tangent, which is now online at Tangent Online. However, as of the February 2002 issue, my short fiction review efforts have been concentrated on being one of two short fiction reviewers (the other is the estimable Nick Gevers) for Locus, the "newspaper of the Science Fiction field". I'm wrote review columns for the three issues of the sadly short-lived British magazine 3SF. I did reviews for the last few issues of Dave Felts' small SF magazine Maelstrom SF, (now also defunct). I've done a lot of reviewing for SF Site. Some of the reviews listed here are located at SF Site, or at Tangent, and the link will take you there. The most recent three or four reviews (not counting the SF Site reviews) are marked with a New.

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Kingsley Amis, A Biography, by Eric Jacobs
The Twinkling of an Eye, by Brian W. Aldiss
Non-Stop, by Brian W. Aldiss
Hothouse, by Brian W. Aldiss
For Love and Glory, by Poul Anderson
The Last Hawk, by Catherine Asaro
The Radiant Seas, by Catherine Asaro
The End of Eternity, by Isaac Asimov
Second Contact, by J. D. Austin


Sky Coyote, by Kage Baker
The Anvil of the World, by Kage Baker
Recursion, by Tony Ballantyne
Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks
Feersum Endjinn, by Iain M. Banks
Use of Weapons, by Iain M. Banks
The Seedling Stars, by James Blish
Death and the Chaste Apprentice, by Robert Barnard
In the Hall of the Martian King, by John Barnes
The Prophecy Machine, by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Prince of Christler-Coke, by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Sword and Sorceress XIX, edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Brightness Reef, by David Brin
Kiln People, by David Brin
Godplayers, by Damien Broderick
K-Machines, by Damien Broderick
Paladin of Souls, by Lois McMaster BujoldNew
Cetaganda, by Lois McMaster Bujold


Malignos, by Richard Calder
Future on Ice, edited by Orson Scott Card
Voice of Our Shadow, by Jonathan Carroll
The Wooden Sea, by Jonathan Carroll
The Fortunate Fall, by Raphael Carter
Dossier, by Stepan Chapman
The Fountains of Paradise, by Arthur C. Clarke
Appleseed, by John Clute
The Monsters of Morley Manor, by Bruce Coville
Mars Probes, edited by Peter Crowther


Satan is a Mathematician, by Keith Allen Daniels
The Avram Davidson Treasury, edited by Robert Silverberg and Grania Davis
The Boss in the Wall, by Avram Davidson and Grania Davis
The Cunning Man, by Robertson Davies
Strange Trades, by Paul Di Filippo
Beyond Lies the Wub and The Father Thing, by Philip K. Dick
The Game-Players of Titan, by Philip K. Dick
The Stars Asunder, by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
Time and the Gods, by Lord Dunsany


Permutation City, by Greg Egan
Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories, by Carol Emshwiller
The Mount, by Carol Emshwiller


The Well of Lost Plots, by Jasper Fforde
Something Rotten, by Jasper Fforde
The Blue Flower, by Penelope Fitzgerald
Memoranda, by Jeffrey Ford
The Sweetheart Season, by Karen Joy Fowler


The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures, by R. Garcia y Robertson
Hunted, by James Alan Gardner
Vigilant, by James Alan Gardner
Radiant, by James Alan Gardner
New Worlds, edited by David Garnett
A Secret History and Carthage Ascendant, by Mary Gentle
Halfway Human, by Carolyn Ives Gilman
Hopeful Monsters, by Hiromi Goto
Past Imperfect, edited by Martin Harry Greenberg and Larry Segriff
Silicon Dreams, edited by Martin Harry Greenberg and Larry Segriff
Sol's Children, edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg
Apprentice Fantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis
My Favorite Science Fiction Story, edited by Martin Harry Greenberg


The Coming, by Joe Haldeman
Old Twentieth, by Joe Haldeman
Travel Arrangements, by M. John Harrison
The Door Into Summer, by Robert A. Heinlein
Stark's Crusade, by John G. Hemry
Outward Bound, by James P. Hogan
Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart


A Scattering of Jades, by Alexander C. Irvine


Deepdrive, by Alexander Jablokov
The Xenocide Mission, by Ben Jeapes
Deep Secret, by Diana Wynne Jones
The Merlin Conspiracy, by Diana Wynne Jones
The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, by Diana Wynne Jones


Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories, by James Patrick Kelly
Corrupting Dr. Nice, by John Kessel
The Gammage Cup, by Carol Kendall
Yanked!, by Nancy Kress


Witpunk, edited by Claude Lalumière and Marty Halpern
The Leopard, by Giuseppe di Lampedusa
The Leaky Establishment, by David Langford
Gifts, by Ursula K. LeGuin
Gun, with Occasional Music, by Jonathan Lethem
The Silk Code, by Paul Levinson
4 Stories, by Kelly Link
The Best of Xero, edited by Pat and Dick Lupoff
Claremont Tales II, by Richard A. Lupoff


The Light Princess, by George MacDonald
Voyages by Starlight, by Ian R. MacLeod
The Light Ages, by Ian R. MacLeod
The Star Fraction, by Ken MacLeod
The Stone Canal, by Ken MacLeod
The Sky Road, by Ken MacLeod
Such a Pretty Face, edited by Lee Martindale
Shrine of Stars: The Third Book of Confluence, by Paul J. McAuley
Ares Express, by Ian McDonald
The Collapsium, by Wil McCarthy
Lost in Transmission, by Wil McCarthy
Souls in the Great Machine, by Sean McMullen
To Hold Infinity, by John Meaney
Cold Iron, by Melisa Michaels
Perdido Street Station, by China Miéville
The Covenant, by Modean Moon


Starlight 2, edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
His Majesty's Dragon, by Naomi Novik


H.M.S. Surprise, by Patrick O'Brian
The Third Policeman, by Flann O'Brien
Other Voices, Other Doors, by Patrick O'Leary


If Lions Could Speak and Other Stories, by Paul Park
Traitor's Gate, by Anne Perry
Venusberg, by Anthony Powell
The Extremes, by Christopher Priest


Chasm City, by Alastair Reynolds
Century Rain, by Alastair Reynolds
Pushing Ice, by Alastair Reynolds
Paragaea, by Chris Roberson
Pavane, by Keith Roberts
Point of Honour, by Madeleine E. Robins
Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Years of Rice and Salt, by Kim Stanley Robinson
Frek and the Elixir, by Rudy Rucker
Extremes, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Next of Kin, by Eric Frank Russell


Journey to Fusang, by William Sanders
J., by William Sanders
Smoke, by William Sanders
Redshift, edited by Al Sarrantonio
Telzey Amberdon, by James H. Schmitz
Permanence, by Karl Schroeder
The Engine of Recall, by Karl Schroeder
Lady of Mazes, by Karl Schroeder
Chimera, by Will Shetterly
Far Horizons, edited by Robert Silverberg
Way Station, by Clifford D. Simak
Ilium, by Dan SimmonsNew
Cavalcade, by Alison Sinclair
Tik-Tok, by John Sladek
The Crown and Court Duet, by Sherwood Smith
A King of Infinite Space, by Allen Steele
Quicksilver, by Neal StephensonNew
Holy Fire, by Bruce Sterling
Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross
The Atrocity Archives, by Charles Stross
The Clan Corporate, by Charles Stross
Dreaming in Smoke, by Tricia Sullivan
The Year of Our War, by Steph Swainston
No Present Like Time, by Steph Swainston
Bones of the Earth, by Michael Swanwick


Spotted Lily, by Anna Tambour
Household Gods, by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove
Darkspawn, by Lois Tilton
The Silver Gryphon, edited by Gary Turner and Marty Halpern


Emphyrio, by Jack Vance
Night Lamp, by Jack Vance
Leviathan 2: The Legacy of Boccaccio, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Rose Secrest
Leviathan Three, edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Forrest Aguirre
Being Dead, by Vivian Vande Velde
Wizard at Work, by Vivian Vande Velde
Tangled Up in Blue, by Joan D. Vinge
A Deepness in the Sky, by Vernor Vinge


Night of Madness, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
The Wizard Lord, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
This is the Year Zero, by Andrew Weiner
Succession, by Scott Westerfeld
Snake Agent, by Liz Williams
The Praxis, by Walter Jon Williams
The Sundering, by Walter Jon Williams
Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, by Connie Willis
Passage, by Connie Willis
To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis
Paul, the Mind of the Apostle, by A. N. Wilson
Bios, by Robert Charles Wilson
Blind Lake, by Robert Charles Wilson
Spin, by Robert Charles WilsonNew
In Green's Jungles, by Gene Wolfe
30th Anniversary DAW Science Fiction, edited by Elizabeth R. Wollheim and Sheila E. Gilbert
The Grand Tour, by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer


Night Train to Rigel, by Timothy Zahn
Lord of Light, by Roger Zelazny
This Immortal, by Roger Zelazny
Time-Gifts, Impossible Encounters, and Seven Touches of Music, by Zoran Zivkovic

Ace Double Reviews
I have been doing a series of reviews of old Ace Doubles on rec.arts.sf.written. I'll be posting them here after they've been posted and commented on there. The list here is in chronological order of my review. I've added a separate Ace Double page, with the links organized two ways -- by author and by publication date (represented by Ace's book number).
Ace Double Reviews, An Introduction,
Ace Double Reviews, 1: The Rim Gods, by A. Bertram Chandler/The High Hex, by Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich,
Ace Double Reviews, 2: Tonight We Steal the Stars, by John Jakes/The Wagered World, by Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich,
Ace Double Reviews, 3: The Dragon Masters, by Jack Vance/The Five Gold Bands, by Jack Vance,
Ace Double Reviews, 4: The Rithian Terror, by Damon Knight/Off Center, by Damon Knight,
Ace Double Reviews, 5: Alpha Centauri - or Die!, by Leigh Brackett/Legend of Lost Earth, by G. MacDonald Wallis,
Ace Double Reviews, 6: Son of the Tree, by Jack Vance/The Houses of Iszm, by Jack Vance,
Ace Double Reviews, 7: Reality Forbidden, by Philip E. High/Contraband from Otherspace, by A. Bertram Chandler,
Ace Double Reviews, 8: Mask of Chaos, by John Jakes/The Star Virus, by Barrington J. Bayley,
Ace Double Reviews, 9: Monsters in Orbit, by Jack Vance/The World Between and Other Stories, by Jack Vance,
Ace Double Reviews, 10: Rocannon's World, by Ursula K. Le Guin/The Kar-Chee Reign, by Avram Davidson,
Ace Double Reviews, 11: War of the Wing-Men, by Poul Anderson/The Snows of Ganymede, by Poul Anderson,
Ace Double Reviews, 12: The Space Willies, by Eric Frank Russell/Six Worlds Yonder, by Eric Frank Russell,
Ace Double Reviews, 13: The Green Millennium, by Fritz Leiber/Night Monsters, by Fritz Leiber,
Ace Double Reviews, 14: Cosmic Checkmate, by Charles V. De Vet and Katherine MacLean/King of the Fourth Planet, by Robert Moore Williams,
Ace Double Reviews, 15: People of the Talisman, by Leigh Brackett/The Secret of Sinharat, by Leigh Brackett,
Ace Double Reviews, 16: Empire Star, by Samuel R. Delany/The Tree Lord of Imeten, by Tom Purdom,
Ace Double Reviews, 17: Annihilation Factor, by Barrington J. Bayley/Highwood, by Neil Barrett, Jr.,
Ace Double Reviews, 18: The Paradox Men, by Charles L. Harness/Dome Around America, by Jack Williamson,
Ace Double Reviews, 19: Clash of Star-Kings, by Avram Davidson/Danger From Vega, by John Rackham,
Ace Double Reviews, 20: I Want the Stars, by Tom Purdom/Demons' World, by Keneth Bulmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 21: Master of Life and Death, by Robert Silverberg/The Secret Visitors, by James White
Ace Double Reviews, 22: Space Chantey, by R. A. Lafferty/Pity About Earth, by Ernest Hill,
Ace Double Reviews, 23: Life With Lancelot, by John T. Phillifent/Hunting on Kunderer, by William Barton,
Ace Double Reviews, 24: The Sun Saboteurs, by Damon Knight/The Light of Lilith, by G. McDonald Wallis,
Ace Double Reviews, 25: The Winds of Gath, by E. C. Tubb/Crisis on Cheiron, by Jaunita Coulson,
Ace Double Reviews, 26: Masters of Evolution, by Damon Knight/Fire in the Heavens, by George O. Smith,
Ace Double Reviews, 27: Star Guard, by Andre Norton/Planet of No Return, by Poul Anderson,
Ace Double Reviews, 28: The Blind Worm, by Brian M. Stableford/Seed of the Dreamers, by Emil Petaja,
Ace Double Reviews, 29: Five Against Arlane, by Tom Purdom/Lord of the Green Planet, by Emil Petaja,
Ace Double Reviews, 30: Conan the Conqueror, by Robert E. Howard/The Sword of Rhiannon, by Leigh Brackett,
Ace Double Reviews, 31: The Dragon Masters, by Jack Vance/The Last Castle, by Jack Vance,
Ace Double Reviews, 32: Planetary Agent X, by Mack Reynolds/Behold the Stars, by Kenneth Bulmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 33: Maigret Has Scruples, by Georges Simenon/Maigret and the Reluctant Witnesses, by Georges Simenon,
Ace Double Reviews, 34: The Rebellious Stars, by Isaac Asimov/An Earth Gone Mad, by Roger Dee,
Ace Double Reviews, 35: Hierarchies, by John T. Phillifent/Mister Justice, by Doris Piserchia,
Ace Double Reviews, 36: The Stars are Ours!, by Andre Norton/Three Faces of Time, by Sam Merwin, Jr.,
Ace Double Reviews, 37: Rocket to Limbo, by Alan E. Nourse/Echo in the Skull, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 38: Mankind Under the Leash, by Thomas M. Disch/Planet of Exile, by Ursula K. Le Guin,,
Ace Double Reviews, 39: Gather in the Hall of the Planets, by K. M. O'Donnell/In the Pocket and Other S-F Stories, by K. M. O'Donnell,,
Ace Double Reviews, 40: The Duplicators, by Murray Leinster/No Truce With Terra, by Philip E. High,,
Ace Double Reviews, 41: Dwellers of the Deep, by K. M. O'Donnell/The Gates of Time, by Neal Barrett, Jr.,
Ace Double Reviews, 42: Dr. Futurity, by Philip K. Dick/Slavers of Space, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 43: The Silent Invaders, by Robert Silverberg/Battle on Venus, by William F. Temple,
Ace Double Reviews, 44: Falcons of Narabedla, by Marion Zimmer Bradley/The Dark Intruder and Other Stories, by Marion Zimmer Bradley,
Ace Double Reviews, 45: The Jester at Scar, by E. C. Tubb/To Venus! To Venus!, by David Grinnell,
Ace Double Reviews, 46: The Rival Rigellians, by Mack Reynolds/Nebula Alert, by A. Bertram Chandler,
Ace Double Reviews, 47: Cradle of the Sun, by Brian M. Stableford/The Wizards of Senchuria, by Kenneth Bulmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 48: Bow Down to Nul, by Brian W. AldissThe Dark Destroyers, by Manly Wade Wellman,
Ace Double Reviews, 49: The Beasts of Kohl, by John Rackham/A Planet of Your Own, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 50: The Repairmen of Cyclops, by John Brunner/Enigma From Tantalus, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 51: The Puzzle Planet, by Robert A. W. Lowndes/The Angry Espers, by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.,
Ace Double Reviews, 52: Listen! The Stars!, by John Brunner/The Rebellers, by Jane Roberts,
Ace Double Reviews, 53: Cache from Outer Space, by Philip Josť Farmer/The Celestial Blueprint and other stories, by Philip Josť Farmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 54: The Astronauts Must Not Land, by John Brunner/The Space-Time Juggler, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 55: The Nemesis from Terra, by Leigh Brackett/Collision Course, by Robert Silverberg,
Ace Double Reviews, 56: Meeting at Infinity, by John Brunner/Beyond the Silver Sky, by Kenneth Bulmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 57: The Million Year Hunt, by Kenneth Bulmer/Ships to the Stars, by Fritz Leiber,
Ace Double Reviews, 58: The Door Through Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley/Rendezvous on a Lost World, by A. Bertram Chandler,
Ace Double Reviews, 59: 200 Years to Christmas, by J. T. McIntosh/Rebels of the Red Planet, by Charles L. Fontenay ,
Ace Double Reviews, 60: Castaways' World, by John Brunner/The Rites of Ohe, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 61: The Sky is Falling, by Lester Del Rey/Badge of Infamy, by Lester Del Rey,
Ace Double Reviews, 62: Ring Around the Sun, by Clifford D. Simak/Cosmic Manhunt, by L. Sprague de Camp,
Ace Double Reviews, 63: The Man With Nine Lives, by Harlan Ellison/A Touch of Infinity, by Harlan Ellison,
Ace Double Reviews, 64: Who Speaks of Conquest?, by Lan Wright/The Earth in Peril, edited by Donald A. Wollheim,
Ace Double Reviews, 65: The Atlantic Abomination, by John Brunner/The Martian Missile, by David Grinnell,
Ace Double Reviews, 66: Siege of the Unseen, by A. E. Van Vogt/The World Swappers, by John Brunner,
Ace Double Reviews, 67: The Pirates of Zan, by Murray Leinster/The Mutant Weapon, by Murray Leinster,
Ace Double Reviews, 68: Land Beyond the Map, by Kenneth Bulmer/Fugitive of the Stars, by Edmond Hamilton,
Ace Double Reviews, 69: Times Without Number, by John Brunner/Destiny's Orbit, by David Grinnell,
Ace Double Reviews, 70: So Bright the Vision, by Clifford D. Simak/The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, by Jeff Sutton,
Ace Double Reviews, 71: Gallagher's Glacier, by Walt and Leigh Richmond/Positive Charge, by Walt and Leigh Richmond,
Ace Double Reviews, 72: Star Ways, by Poul Anderson/City Under the Sea, by Kenneth Bulmer,
Ace Double Reviews, 73: Big Planet, by Jack Vance/Slaves of the Klau, by Jack Vance,
Ace Double Reviews, 74: The 13th Immortal, by Robert Silverberg/This Fortress World, by James E. Gunn,
Ace Double Reviews, 75: The Planet Killers, by Robert Silverberg/We Claim These Stars!, by Poul Anderson,
Ace Double Reviews, 76: The World of Null-A, by A. E. Van Vogt/The Universe Maker, by A. E. Van Vogt,
Ace Double Reviews, 77: The Alternate Martians, by A. Bertram Chandler/Empress of Outer Space, by A. Bertram Chandler,
Ace Double Reviews, 78: One of Our Asteroids is Missing, by Calvin Knox/The Twisted Men, by A. E. Van Vogt,
Ace Double Reviews, 79: Final War and Other Fantasies, by K. M. O'Donnell/Treasure of Tau Ceti, by John Rackham,
Ace Double Reviews, 80: Clockwork's Pirates, by Ron Goulart/Ghost Breaker, by Ron Goulart,
Ace Double Reviews, 81: The Water of Thought, by Fred Saberhagen/We, the Venusians, by John Rackham
Ace Double Reviews, 82: The Ballad of Beta-2, by Samuel R. Delany/Alpha Yes, Terra No!, by Emil Petaja,
Ace Double Reviews, 83: The Communipaths, by Suzette Haden Elgin/The Noblest Experiment in the Galaxy, by Louis Trimble,
Ace Double Reviews, 84: The Pictures of Pavanne, by Lan Wright/The Youth Monopoly, by Ellen Wobig,
Ace Double Reviews, 85: Captives of the Flame, by Samuel R. Delany/The Psionic Menace, by Keith Woodcott,
Ace Double Reviews, 86: Endless Shadow, by John Brunner/The Arsenal of Miracles, by Gardner F. Fox,

Some SF-Related Lists
For some odd reason I got it in my head to compile a few, very short, lists of stories linked by closely related themes. I think the spur was "What if I were to collect a theme anthology on this subject?" The themes that have occurred to me so far are:
Short Science Fiction Awards and their Editors,
Time Viewer Stories,
Time Travel Along One's Own Thread of Consciousness, and
Stories with Titles taken from Coleridge's "Kubla Khan".

I discussed all these on rec.arts.sf.written and other venues at various times, and received many suggestions. Thanks to Paul Clarke, George Stankow, Nancy Lebovitz, John Boston, Andrea Lynn Leistra, Glen Engel-Cox, Niall McAuley, Jo Walton, Dan Goodman, D. E. Siegel, Mike Scott, Robert A. Woodward, Barnaby Rapoport, Susan Jane Hogarth, Lawrence Person, Frank Chess, David Goldfarb, Fred Galvin, Mike Arnautov, Peter Meilinger, Steve Brinich, Andrew Breitenbach, David G. Goggin, Anton Sherwood, Andrew Ducker, Mike Stone, John F. Carr, Philip Rhoades, and Gardner Dozois.

Some SF-Related Essays
I've written a few essays for SF Site. Some of these are included here, with some minor revisions from the original essays. Thanks to my editors at SF Site, John O'Neill and Rodger Turner, for a great deal of help with these pieces, and for publishing them first. In addition, I've included summaries of my impressions of the best short science fiction of 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999, along with my summary of the SF novels I read from 1999. These were originally published at Jim Bailey's Short Fiction Roundup,at Tangent Online, and in my own newsgroup at SFF Net. Thanks to Jim Bailey and Dave Truesdale for first publishing them. I have also written a few essays, mostly in the form of reviews, for Locus Online. Some of these are included in the reviews list above, but some don't neatly review a single book -- so I have linked them here. Mark Kelly is my editor there -- many thanks also to him.
In Praise of NESFA Press
The Original Anthology Series in Science Fiction
1996: Year in Review
1997: Year in Review and Overview of the Dozois and Hartwell Year's Bests
1998: SF Short Fiction Year in Review
1999: SF Novels, Year in Review
1999: SF Short Fiction Year in Review
A Consideration of the Potential Nominees for the 1950 Retro Hugo
2000: SF Novels, Year in Review
2000: SF Short Fiction Year in Review
2001: SF Novels, Year in Review
2002: SF Novels, Year in Review
2003: SF Novels, Year in Review
2004: SF Novels, Year in Review
2005: SF Novels, Year in Review
2006: SF Novels, Year in Review
A Look at Some Recent Serials
Recent Treats from Analog
Two Fine Novellas from Less-travelled Places
Highlights from the April 2001 Fantasy and Science Fiction

"Novels Of" Summaries
I've also written a few essays each summarizing (very briefly!) the novels of a given SF writer. I'm going to be posting them here (they originally appeared on rec.arts.sf.written). The first five are about Gene Wolfe, Laurence M. Janifer, Charles L. Harness, Tom Purdom, and Avram Davidson. Note that a great many of the original rasfw "Novels Of" posts have been preserved on the Web by Matt Hilliard, here. (The versions of my posts included on my own page have revisions and updates.)
The Novels of Avram Davidson
The Novels of Charles L. Harness
The Novels of Laurence M. Janifer
The Novels of Tom Purdom
The Novels of Gene Wolfe

SF Related Links

SFF Net Our hosts. Lots of authors have home pages here. (Not to mention non-authors like yours truly.) In addition, there is a lot of neat discussion going on at the SFF-Net Newsgroups.
Tangent An excellent SF short fiction review magazine, founded by by Dave Truesdale and now edited by Eugie Foster. I was formerly an active contributor to these pages.
The Alexandria Digital Literature Home Page This neat site allows you to rate novels you've read, and recommends stories for you to read based on the books you like. They also offer stories for download at a reasonable price.
Melisa Michaels' Home Page Melisa is the author of seven SF and mystery novels, including the Skyrider series. Her latest novels are fantasies, called Cold Iron and Sister to the Rain, and were published by Roc in 1997 and 1998. (My review of the first is here.) She formerly maintained the SFWA Web Pages, and her latest project is an electronic publishing company, Embiid, which she and her husband Richard run. And worst of all, she is also largely responsible for introducing me to SFF Net.
Dueling Modems Another nice place to hang out. Some games, some more discussion about SF and other literature, and a lot of (mostly still nascent) newsgroups on subjects like religion, Canada, current science, and everything in between. Point your newsreader to DM Newsgroups.
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database This site seems to have a record of every SF story ever published. Well, not quite, but they're trying.
The Tufted Shoot A booklog by Trent Goulding. Very sharp, interesting, comments, on all sorts of books, not just SF.
SFReader.com This site is run by Dave Felts, who bravely put out the worthwhile small SF 'zine Maelstrom for 8 issues (several of which included a review column I wrote). This site includes many reviews (including those I did for Maelstrom and some others by me, as well as many by other hands), and may eventually also include some original short SF.
Archon I'm not a big con-goer, but I have started attending a couple fairly local conventions: Archon is held in Collinsville, IL, every October (just in time for my birthday), and ConQuest is held Memorial Day Weekend in Kansas City.
SF Site Perhaps the most comprehensive SF-related site I've ever seen: it has lots of worthwhile content of its own, including plenty of timely book reviews. (I have also been contributing reviews to SF Site.)
Best SF Mark Watson's fine site attempts to briefly review much of the short SF published, as well as provide links to much of the short SF available online.
SCI FICTION The best online source of new short SF, edited by the remarkable Ellen Datlow (previously at Omni and Event Horizon, she has published more good original SF online than anyone else by a factor of at least 10).
Infinite Matrix If this new online SF "magazine" survives, it has a chance to rival SCI FICTION. Edited by Eileen Gunn, it has had a bumpy financial life so far, but the stuff Eileen has published has been very promising.
Strange Horizons Another very worthwhile online SF venture, with a certain tendency to publish slipstream. (Mary Anne Mohanraj is the editor in chief, and the senior fiction editor is Jed Hartman.)
Black Gate A brand new High Fantasy magazine, published by former SF Site editor John O'Neill. I have contributed some reviews and a long essay I'm rather proud of.
Science Fiction Weekly An online SF newszine, somewhat media-oriented, but including some reviews of the print field including a regular column by John Clute.
Locus Online Locus is the best known newsmagazine of the SF field, and its online incarnation, run by Mark Kelly (who seems to read and review more SF short fiction than I do, even), includes plenty of neat stuff not in the print version. I add immodestly that I have contributed several reviews to the online version, and that I am now, with Nick Gevers, reviewing short fiction monthly for the print version of Locus.
The Speculative Literature Foundation Here is the Foundation's mission statement: To promote literary quality in speculative fiction, by encouraging promising new writers, assisting established writers, facilitating the work of quality magazines and small presses in the genre, and developing a greater public appreciation of speculative fiction. There website has lots of interesting resources, and also includes webbed versions of my end of the year short fiction summaries.
The Internet Review of Science Fiction This is a new online SF critical 'zine, run by John Frost. I have a feature in the fourth issue (April 2004). There are excellent regular short fiction reviews by Bluejack, and there have been several other fine features.

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