Time Viewer Stories

This list includes stories about people in the present (of the story) viewing the past (typically), with some variety of "Time Viewer". The column for "Period" refers, very roughly, to the time period being viewed, and is intended as a pointer to the setting, not a precise dating. If I don't know the information, the field is blank. (I include an asterisk in the COMMENT field if I've actually read the story.) If I'm wrong, either about specific information such as the period, or even to include the story at all, or if you know of any other stories that might fit the category, please email me at richard.horton@sff.net.

Brian W. Aldiss An Age 1967 . Also known as Cryptozoic!
Brian W. Aldiss "Not for an Age" 1955 Future viewing our present. *I haven't read An Age, but, given the titles, I wonder if this story is related?
Poul Anderson "The Long Remembering" 1957 Neolithic *(The "viewing" is by "remembering" the experiences of an ancestor.)
Poul Anderson "The Bog Sword" 2004 Bronze Age *(A "sequel" to "The Long Remembering".)
Isaac Asimov "The Dead Past" 1956 Classical/Recent Past *(My favorite Asimov story, for what it's worth. And to detail the exact period it refers to is a spoiler.)
Gregory Benford "Time Shards" 1979 Medieval *This is actually about hearing the past, rather than seeing it.
Stephen L. Burns "Showdown at Hell Creek" 1993 Dinosaurs *
Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter The Light of Other Days 2000 Near past (and other times) .
Gardner Dozois "A Night of Ghosts and Shadows" 1999 Far future viewing near future *
Gardner Dozois and Jack Dann "Time Bride" 1983 Near future viewing present .
Raymond Eich "Evidence of Things Seen" 1998 Jesus *
Phyllis Eisenstein "In the Western Tradition" 1981 Old West *
Harry Harrison "The Secret of Stonehenge" 1968 Ancient Britain .
Gardner Hunting "The Vicarion" 1926 . .
Damon Knight "I See You" 1976 Near Past and All Time *
Judith Moffett "Final Tomte" 1990 Decades in the past of the near future *This story and others that use the same idea are part of her novels _The Ragged World_ and _Time, Like and Ever Rolling Stream_. A new story, "The Bear's Baby" (2003), in the same series, uses the time window idea prominently as well.
Rebecca Ore "Scarey Rose in Deep History" 1997 Historical Past (19th Century) *
Lewis Padgett "Private Eye" 1949 Immediate Past *Padgett is a pseudonym for Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore. I seem to recall that this is regarded as predominantly by Kuttner.
Lawrence Person "Crucifixion Variations" 1998 Jesus *
Robert Reed "Killing the Morrow" 1996 . *
Mack Reynolds Perchance to Dream 1997 Early Roman (Not true past viewing: computer reconstruction.)
Kristine Kathryn Rusch "June Sixteenth at Anna's" 2003 Fairly recent past *
Kristine Kathryn Rusch "Collateral Damage" 2004 A few centuries into the past *
William Sanders "Dirty Little Cowards" 1999 Historical Past (19th Century) *Actually instead of just viewing the past, "experiencing" it through the sensorium of an historical character.
Bob Shaw "Light of Other Days" 1968 Near Past *A true classic. Shaw assembled this and some related stories into the novel Other Days, Other Eyes.
T. L. Sherred "E for Effort" 1947 Many Historical Events *SF Hall of Fame
John Stith Scapescope 1984 . .
John Taine Before the Dawn 1934 Dinosaurs .
Wilson Tucker "Time Exposures" 1971 . .
*I've personally read the stories with asterisks.