Hello!  My Name is Charlotte Lawrence,

and I'm an author!   

  My books include:

The Ragbone Man

The Holographic Dollhouse

The Mill the Map and the Oghams  (unpublished)


Please take a look at my books on the following links.  You can order the first two from Llewellyn. Call them at 1-800- THE MOON. Sadly, Llewellyn is no longer publishing their Psi Fi fiction line.  

I am hoping to eventually get the third book of the series published. It's finished and waiting! The stories are a trilogy. You can reach me by e-mail. Please, take some time and check out the "Book Index" below.



Thanks for coming in.  Hope to hear from you! 


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My books are available from Amazon
[The Rag Bone Man]The Ragbone Man [The 
Holographic Dollhouse]The Holographic Dollhouse
And from Barnes & Noble
The Rag Bone ManThe Ragbone ManThe Holographic Dollhouse: A NovelThe Holographic Dollhouse