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Welcome to the home page of Robert Glaub. I'm originally from Indiana, but I've been residing in the state of Maryland for the past thirty-four years. I work as an analyst for the US government, where I've been for the past thirty- five years, as a member of the US Air Force and as a civilian. I'm 5 feet 9 inches tall, weigh 260 pounds and have black hair (what little I have left) and grey eyes.



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I was born in La Porte, Indiana on May 3,1954 to Paul and Doris Glaub. My father enlisted in the US Army in 1940, just ahead of being drafted. He was with the 1st Infantry Division through the war, landing in North Africa, Sicily and Omaha Beach in Normandy, and went through the Battle of the Bulge. After helping liberate a concentration camp, he was wounded just before the war ended. He died of a heart attack in 1955 when I was one.

My mother was one of the few women actually in the Regular Navy, not the WAVES, during the war. She was an inspector in a naval ordnance plant in northern Indiana. She died of a stroke in 1980.

My mother remarried several years after my father died and we moved to Three Oaks, Michigan. We lived there for a couple of years and then we myself, a younger half-sister and two younger half-brothers, along with my mother and stepfather), moved to Newport, Arkansas for a period of years. My mother and stepfather separated, and my mother and I moved to Michigan City, Indiana for a year, and then I went to live with my aunt, Mildred Renfro, in La Porte, Indiana after my mother became ill. My aunt passed away in 1990. I lived there all through high school (I graduated from La Porte HS in 1972) and through college until I joined the Air Force in 1978.

I attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana from 1972 to 1977, majoring in European History and Journalism. I wanted to be a teacher like my father. After finding out that teaching at the junior high level was not my forte, I joined the Air Force. I found the military to be much easier than teaching!

After doing basic training and technical school in Texas, I was sent to Japan in December 1978 for eighteen months. I did the usual thing of being on shiftwork for the whole time I was there. I also took the time to travel throughout the Far East. I also accumulated a lot of camera and stereo equipment, like most other service members who go to the region. I've long had an interested in photography; I haven't indulged in a while, but I intend to again. After getting back from overseas, I was stationed in Maryland. I got out of the military in 1982, got hired on as a civilian in 1983, and I've been in Maryland ever since.

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Wargaming, computer and board, is one of my big interests. Among other favorites for board games are Europa Universalis (a game of the exploration and settlement of the New World, along with the European fun and games), GRD's Europa series of division-level games from World War Two, GRD's Glory series from WWII in the Pacific, SPI's Empire of the Middle Ages, Avalon Hill's Empires in Arms (Napoleonic Wars) and ADG's World in Flames (World War Two).

Computer games I like are Decision Games' War in Europe (WWII), Civilization IV (Caveman2Cosmos Mod), the Battleground series from Talonsoft (American Civil War and Napoleonic) and Europa Universalis 4 from Pardox.

I also run a Pathfinder campaign once a week. Great for working off those frustrations!

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Science fiction and fantasy are some of my favorite things to read (and write), along with a hodgepodge of other stuff. Among my favorite authors are Tom Clancy (various techno thrillers), J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion), James Clavell (Shogun, Tai-pan, Noble House), Susan Shwartz (Grail of Hearts), Judy Tarr (King and Goddess), Esther Friesner (Chicks in Chainmail), Patricia Kennealy Morrison (Keltiad), Mercedes Lackey (Heralds of Valdemar), Jerry Pournelle (Janissaries series, Falkenberg series), Steve Stirling (Draka series), Harry Turtledove (Worldwar, Videssos and Great War series), Ray Feist (Riftwar), Nancy Springer and Catherine Asaro. This list is by no means inclusive.

Non-fiction stuff I have include Robert K. Massie (Dreadnought, Peter the Great), David Chandler (Campaigns of Napoleon), F. Loraine Petre (five volume study of some of Napoleon's campaigns), and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The Great Boer War) among others.

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Music and Videos

I have various musical tastes. My favorites tend to be from the sixties and seventies, with a fair smattering from the fifties and eighties. When it comes to classical, I tend to prefer Russian works, but I have a fair collection of others. My other listening includes groups such as Chicago, Styx, Moody Blues, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Electric Light Orchestra, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, the Doors and the Carpenters, for starters.

As for individuals, I like Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton-John, Barbra Streisand, Judy Collins, Carole King, Anne Murray and Gloria Estefan to name just a few. I also have a huge collection of Broadway and Hollywood musical soundtracks, with place of prominence being given to A Chorus Line and West Side Story.

Most of the videos I collect are from mini-series, with Winds of War/War and Remembrance the most prominent. I also like historical epics, such as the Ten Commandments, El Cid, Ben-Hur, Khartoum and others like that. Since I'm a figure skating fan, I have a sizable collection of those videos as well. I also like to collect Westerns and musicals.

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I am now Secretary and Writer's Liaison to the science fiction club at the agency where I work. As such, we invite writers to come and visit. They come and talk, and then we take them out and feed them very well. So far we've had Susan Shwartz, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Catherine Asaro, Brenda Clough, John Hemry, Ann Crispin, Charles Sheffield, Nancy Kress and Mindy Klasky. In my capacity as writer's liasion, I am an affiliate member of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA).

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My usual conventions are Balticon, Capclave, Shore Leave and Farpoint.

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