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Welcome to my SFF.net personal page. I hope you'll take a look at my fantasy series, The Quantum Cat, based on Schrödinger's Cat. Quant, feline companion of friar Brother Jerome, is both dead and alive at the same time; he traverses time as easily as he strolls across the street, for past and present are one and the same to him. The observer changes what he observes, so Quant just looks hard at something, thereby rearranging the atoms, and pops through the gateway he creates — et voilà, he's in whatever period of time he wishes to be in. Brother Jerome finds time-traveling more hazardous.

Jerome and the Seraph, the first book in the series, was published in paperback by Twilight Times Books in 2004. The sequel, Angelos, will be published in early 2005 as an ebook, and in a print edition later in the year. I am now writing the third book in the series.

I used to be a features journalist in the UK. I've also been a schoolteacher, college lecturer and secretary. I have an M.A. in Modern Languages from Oxford University and an M.Phil. in English Literature from Liverpool University. It was while researching my M.Phil. that I read about Schrödinger's Cat — and I realized that a quantum cat had the potential to be the star character in a fantasy series.

I enjoy looking at paintings, and I feature paintings in my stories. The plot in Jerome and the Seraph centers around Sir John Spencer Stanhope's Pre-Raphaelite painting Thoughts of the Past; and at the heart of the sequel, Angelos, are another nineteenth-century picture, William Holman Hunt's The Scapegoat, and a magnificent twentieth-century painting: Salvador Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross.



Jerome and the Seraph

ISBN: 1931201544
Published in trade paperback by Twilight Times Books
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      Jerome and the Seraph     fantasy novel.

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After his untimely demise in the cemetery of his friary, Brother Jerome is surprised to find himself reunited with his pet cat, Leo; he's even more surprised to find out the cat's real name and nature, and to discover that time is less linear than he had supposed. With the help of his feline quantum companion, Jerome takes the opportunity to pop back to the friary, to say hello to the friends he's left behind. But with their Guardian apparently in the throes of another love affair, the friars already have enough to cope with, without Jerome's ghost dropping by.

    Read an excerpt from Jerome and the Seraph.




    Twilight Times Books
    ISBN: 1931201560

The cat is back! And once again he's keeping a protective eye on his old friend, Brother Jerome — the late Brother Jerome, that is. When Leo, his pet cat, showed up in the afterworld, Jerome assumed he was there because he'd died. But Leo's real name is Quantum, and quantum cats don't die…

A rockfall in the Minotaur's labyrinth sets off a quantum leap. The Minotaur finds himself in a garden shed in the twenty-first century, and Jerome finds himself in a maze of corridors in the "old" world, although, with "the time thing," it isn't the old world any more. Meantime, in the friary, the Guardian, Father Aidan, is having a crisis of faith, and his friars are suffering. Until one day Aidan sees the divine light shining for him once more, and we see the cat in his true form — a seraph, a divine envoy, the angelos of the title.

    Read an excerpt from Angelos.

Angelos will be published in paperback May 2006 by Twilight Times Books.

"Angelos, the sequel to the fabulous Jerome and the Seraph, is a delightful fantasy that uses humor to tell a deep philosophical tale. Robina Williams provides a terrific tale that the audience will cherish." ~ Harriet Klausner, Amazon.com's No. 1 reviewer


Amazon's No.1 reviewer Harriet Klausner rated Jerome and the Seraph 10/10 and said in www.reviewcentre.com :

JEROME AND THE SERAPH is a simple entertaining book that ironically connects complex topics (the afterlife, mythology, and quantum physics) into a wonderful fantasy that hooks readers from the moment Al and Jerry exchange a few words. The tale never lets go until Brother Jerome completes his journeys, though Quant steals the show. Fans who appreciate an amusing with serious undertone adventure tale will appreciate Jerome Through the Looking Glass guided by Quant the Cheshire cat.

Dallas Hodder Franklin of Sell Writing Online also gave Jerome and the Seraph a top rating, saying:

Robina expertly weaves her knowledge and love of Pre-Raphaelite art, mythology and quantum physics without one needing prior knowledge of either to realize its impact on the story. I really loved how she brought the understanding of linear time and simultaneous time into layman's terms, which made the story all the more interesting and awe-inspiring… I recommend this story highly and give it a top rating of 10.

Shirley Roe of Allbooks Reviews recommended Jerome and the Seraph in the Midwest Book Review:

Jerome's ingrained beliefs are challenged, as he learns the answers to life long spiritual questions. He comes face to face with the hound of Heaven as the trill of Pan's flute fills the air. Brother Jerome and his cohorts, both living and dead are most enchanting characters. Full of human frailties and believable character flaws, they charm the reader with their humorous encounters and escapades.


Award winning author Tricia McGill found Angelos "filled with humor and wisdom":

At the conclusion of Angelos, Jerome is joined by a companion on the other side. Quant convinces Jerome the Minotaur is not a monster — just a different shape. Shapes mean nothing. It's what is in the heart that matters. And this story is full of heart.

Annette Gisby, Editor of Twisted Tales webzine, says:

What if the old gods never really left? As well as the Minotaur, we, like Jerome, find ourselves transported to Ancient Greece and visit with the old gods there.

Blending elements of mysticism, mythology, quantum theory and art history, it is a tale like no other. The star of the show is of course Quant, but the Minotaur comes a close second. For this Minotaur is no monster, out to eat everyone in sight, but normally a vegetarian who enjoys reading books and drinking wine, rather than having to eat the Athenian youths sent to him as tribute… this is a very imaginative tale, filled with memorable characters that stand out in your mind. If you are looking for something a bit different, then give "Angelos" a try. A book to make you think.

Dallas Hodder Franklin again gave Angelos a top rating:

Quant, the magical cat that leaps through various worlds and dimensions is back again and in action. In Angelos, the sequel to Jerome and the Seraph, Robina Williams weaves her own storytelling magic and Quant rises to the occasion. This is a fantasy book and written so superbly that you become totally engrossed in the tale and forget it's fantasy.

Robina accomplishes this task by not only bringing this world together with the 'dead world' but in Angelos she even incorporates the mythological world. It gives us a whole new perspective on the topic of time and old/new worlds and how they are happening 'now'. Both books give you much to ponder while enjoying a great read.

I loved Angelos as much as Jerome and the Seraph and if you like reading fantasy I'm sure you'll love it too. I highly recommend this book and give it a top rating of 10!

Readers are welcome to contact me at robina@robinawilliams.com and I hope you'll take a look at my Web site www.robinawilliams.com


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