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The first "real" science fiction book I read was Heinlien's "Podkayne of Mars" -- and then his others, and Wells, and Poe, and Sturgeon, and soon Ellison, and later Zelazny, and you know the rest. ("Harold and the Purple Crayon" should qualify as fantasy.)

Writing I started even earlier. Once I'd read all the books on hand, I made up my own stories. Buried in a trunk, no doubt, is one of my early writing and publishing efforts -- a story I wrote, illustrated, and bound in a construction paper cover. (Yeah, I know -- sounds like every second writer's bio. And, yes, I read every book in the local library, too.)

Over time, I kept forming writer's groups --- well, that's far too formal. But my friends tended to write, or one could say most of my friends were writers -- and if they weren't at first, they were encouraged to start. One could write stories that brought tears to the hardest heart (I still wish I could do that!). Another, later, wrote wonderful carefully plotted mysteries (and now works in Forensics for the FBI).

The earliest writing friendship has also been -- is -- the longest-lasting. My best friend and writing partner, encourager and critic, fount of ideas and plot-lines and characters I'd never come up with alone. We balance each other; I put in too much, my prose sometimes purple -- my friend writes very sparely, as though writing poetry or telegrams charged by the word. But what those few words can do -- elegance, humor, levels within levels.
(As for my writing, well, see what I said about putting in too much?)

Partner in crime, too. We edited and published an ST fanzine (aka the crudzine), then an SF zine, and later tried to get a writer's zine off the ground. But of course by the time we finally got a good mimeo, and had a subscriber list over 200, and some soon-to-be-famous contributors, Real Life interfered. College, jobs, rising postage costs, and moving ten times in eleven years brought an end to our zines. (The internet makes it tempting to start an e-zine -- after all, anyone can publish online for little or no expense -- and from the number of online zines, darn near everyone is!)

We still write. Separately and together.
But not enough, lately.



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