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Like many people in my age-group, I went back to school.

I started making websites as part of a class assignment. It was supposed to be one page for a nonprofit organization. The one page became a web site (they kept asking, can we put this in our page? and I kept saying, sure, why not, of course, send it over).

The group liked the work I did for them, and asked me to do some more web work. And mentioned my work to other non-profit groups that wanted to have web pages. Which has gradually led to getting paid to make websites...

...and building an e-portfolio.

(Not a bad thing for someone who wants to be a website designer -- author -- publisher -- whatever. After all, I've been a writer for many years, and an editor for about half as many, and I've been using computers since software didn't have numbers in the names except for Lotus123...)

 (Snail X at work)

However, sff-Net asks that these be non-commercial pages. So, if you want to contact me for a "commercial" reason, send your message to my email that is -not- on SFF-Net. (Or you could go look at my other website.)

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If you're curious, go to my next personal page here at SFF-Net. You might even find some SF-related info there.


Here's looking at you!
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