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 Lil' Bit

Lil' Bit

Named for her tolerance of new things, i.e. gradual.

She was far-sighted when she came to live with me, has become very near-sighted, and is still adjusting to her new view of the world. The vet said vision changes often happen with Siamese. As far as I can tell, she's domestic shorthair, Siamese, and Persian. Her litter of kittens was: two long-tailed tabbies, two siamese-type, and one short-coupled gray puffball. She has the most amazing coat, darkening with age as Siamese do; very thick with an extremely fine gray undercoat. She was white and cream with gold and tan spots when I got her.

 The Old Man

"The Old Man" (as he's known these days)

They guessed he was 3 or 4 years old when I got him. He was at least 7 or 8 -- and he understood so much English that even spelling in front of him didn't work long. He had been abused, and I sometimes wonder if he learned English in self-defense. He has a brave and loving heart, and is intensely loyal to those he loves. (I should write up his story for Bjo's book!)

Still doing well at 17 or so, altho' like many of us he's developing some memory problems with age.

(You can't see his huge green eyes in this photo.)


Here's looking at you!
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