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Books written as Juliette Leigh:

Recent Titles Available Now!
The Fifth Proposal(Zebra Regency-- 1999 ISBN 0-8217-6265-6)
Marriage, Mother, and MayhemA novella in Zebraís Motherís Day Anthology
Available April 2000
Sherry's Comet (Zebra Regency--1998 ISBN 0-8217-5891-8)
A Touch of Magic(Zebra Regency-- 1998 ISBN 0-8217-6065-3)

Other books written as Dawn Aldridge Poore:

Saint's Haven
(Zebra-- 1997 ISBN 0-8217-5710-5)
A Perilous Attraction
(Zebra--1996 ISBN 0-8217-5339-8)
The Mummy's Mirror (Miss Sydney Series)
(Zebra--1995 ISBN 0-8217-5050-X)
The Cairo Cats (Miss Sydney Series)
(Zebra--1994 ISBN 0-8217-4571-9)
The Secret Scroll (Miss Sydney Series)
(Zebra--1993 ISBN 0-8217-4337-6)
The Brighton Burglar (Miss Sydney Series)
(Zebra--1992 ISBN 0-8217-4104-7)
Miss Fortune's Folly
(Zebra--1992 ISBN 0-8217-3913-1)
Bath Bramble
(Zebra--1991 ISBN 0-8217-3547-0)
Sweet Deceit
(Pinnacle--1990 ISBN 1-55817-415-X)

Novellas Published in Collections:

"The Christmas Ring" A Touch of Christmas (Zebra--1993 ISBN 0-8217-4377-5)
"Game of Hearts" A Valentine's Day Tangle (Zebra--1993 ISBN 0-8217-4050-4)
"A Wager for a Bride" A June Wedding (Zebra--1992 ISBN 0-8217-3781-3)
"The Yuletide Wish" A Christmas Delight (Zebra--1991 ISBN 0-8217-3583-7)

Written as Susan Michaels:

An Infamous Fiasco (Warner Books--1989 ISBN 0-446-35373-6)

Written as Dawn Aldridge (Young Adult Books):

A Song for Mandy

Audio Tapes:

Game of Hearts (Paperback Audio-#0-88646-721-7 June, 1996 - Read by Michael Tylo)
A Wager for a Bride (Durkin-Hayes Audio--Read by Hunter Tylo)

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