Copyright 1993 by Chuck Rothman

"Einstein was wrong!" declared Professor Davidson, sitting at the controls of his experimental vehicle. "You can go faster then light."

Tom reluctantly strapped in behind him. "Is it safe?"

"Perfectly," said Professor Davidson. "Here we go."

The ship began to move. "The drive is inertialess, of course," Professor Davidson said. "We should be reaching C in a few moments." He concentrated on the controls in front of him. "Zero point one C," he said. "Zero point three five . . . we're up to a half already."

The stars around them were turning into streaks. Those in front seemed distinctly bluer.

"Three-quarters," Professor Davidson went on. "Seven-eighths . . . point nine oh . . . point nine five . . . " He flipped another switch. "This is it."

A soundless crash, and space all around them turned gray.

"We did it! One point one cee! I knew it! I knew it!"

Tom looked behind him. "Professor, what's that red flashing?"

"I don't know. Some sort of -- " Professor Davidson frowned. "That noise . . . "

"You hear it, too? A wailing sound?"

The Professor nodded. "Like a siren."

Pull over! came a voice from all around them, and without anyone touching the controls, the ship stopped dead.

"My God," whispered the Professor. "Tom? You have a better view. What is it?"

Tom turned to the Professor, his face white. "Einstein."


Originally appearing (with the title omitted) in the Sci-Fi Channel Magazine, January 1993.

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