Who's Chuck Rothman, anyway?

I write science fiction and fantasy, with stories in various locations and am the author of two published novels. Take a look around and find out about me.  You can also find me at my Facebook page. My novels, Staroamer's Fate and Syron's Fate are available at Amazon.com.


Publication News 

  • "Dust Storm" is now available in Triangulation: Parch.  It's the cover story of the anthology. (11/12/14)

  • "Pest Control" will be appearing in Fantastic Stories Super Fantasy Pack #1. The title may be clunky, but its 750 pages of fantasy by some of the greatest names in the field, including H.P. Lovecraft, James Blish, Philip K. Dick, Fritz Lieber, August Derleth, Stanley G. Weimbaum, Clifford Simak, and many others.  The E-book is now available on Amazon.com

  • I sold "Dust Storm" to Triangulations:  Parch (6/11/14)

  • My story, "Ulenge Prime," has been accepted by Analog (5/14/14)

  • My short story, "1-800-CALL-GOD" will be reprinted in the anthology Alternate Hilarities.  The story appeared in a different version of Alternate Hilarities before -- in 1993 (2/26/14).

  • My short story, "The Read Planet," is now out Third Flatiron anthology, Redshifted (12/11/13)

  • I'll be a guest at Robercon in Binghamton, NY, on Sunday, September 29.(9/8/13)

  • "The Princess's Kiss" has been selected to appear in the anthology Best of Penumbra Volume I, due out in October (9/4/13)

  •  My novels have been republished by Fantastic Books.

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