A New Insight into the Assassination
of John F. Kennedy.
by Chuck Rothman

"Case reopened!" -- Gerald Posner, author of Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK


The controversy over JFK's assassination has raged for forty years, and there is still no consensus over what happened in Dallas that day. People have been proposing many theories, but there's one possibility that has been seriously overlooked. The silence about this is suspicious; as people propose wider and wilder conspiracies, they (deliberately?) ignore the possibility I am about to outline. It may just be too unthinkable -- or are the very people who profess to be concerned about the "truth" actually part of the plot?

I am not afraid of the consequences and am prepared to name names. JFK's assassin can only be one person -- Superman.

I can understand your skepticism at the prospect. Superman holds the highest regard among most Americans, much the way the government and the CIA held our regard back in 1963. It seems unthinkable that he was involved in such a crime. But the evidence is there, if you look at it without preconceptions.

Who is Superman?

It is apparent that Superman is not what he seems. He is, after all, a "strange visitor from another planet."(1) In other words, an alien. How can we expect to understand the motives of an alien? Oh, sure, he may CLAIM to fight for "truth, justice, and the American way,"(2) but how do we know he's not an alien agent, pretending to be our friend in order to secretly conquer us? This is a well-known tactic of aliens.(3)

And how does he bill himself? "The Man of Steel."(4) Is it mere coincidence that this nickname translates into Russian as the name of one of America's greatest enemies: "Stalin"? Obvious proof that Superman has communist leanings. And, of course, the very term "superman" was beloved by the Nazis.

We know little of Superman's life. He has a "secret" identity -- or, in legal terms, an alias -- one he refuses to reveal. What might he be doing when submerged in this false name? Rumor has it that he's a reporter. What better way to use his influence on the media to keep the story secret?

Some reports have indicated that he goes under the alias of "Clark Kent." This is obviously a lie. Has anyone ever met this "Clark Kent"? Can anyone produce him? Of course not. And is it mere coincidence that the last name is the same as the famous criminal Harvey "Two-Face" Kent(5 -- read footnote carefully before commenting), who no doubt has links to organized crime?

Superman spread disinformation

Superman spreading alien disinformation, intending to frame an innocent woman.(6)


This has been a sticking point with those looking for conspiracies and no motive postulated has stood out as an obvious reason. With Superman, however, the motive is clear and very simple.

JFK had learned his "secret" identity.(7)

This, of course, put the president in immediate danger. As anyone knows, once you learn a superhero's secret, you have very little chance of survival, as Joe Chill(8) and others have learned to their regret. Superman has gone to great lengths to protect his secret over the years. Lois Lane, an award-winning reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet, has been trying to discover it ever since Superman's career began and has been thwarted at every turn(9). It's highly unlikely he'd let JFK discover it and not take some kind of action.


Of course, there's little evidence connecting Superman with the crime. But that proves nothing. After all, Superman has alien powers. With super speed, for instance, he could fly around Dealy Plaza too fast to be seen, and change the direction of the bullets in midflight. (Accounts agree that he is faster than a speeding bullet.) Critics of the conspiracy theory have pointed out that there was not enough time to convincingly fake all the evidence discovered, but with super speed it isn't a problem. A precise usage of his x-ray vision can strategically fog the Zapruder film to remove all evidence of his presence. He can return to Metropolis in seconds -- or quickly turn into his "secret" identity in Dallas (perhaps even pretending to be a witness! Even Zapruder himself!) -- and have a perfect alibi. And who knows what other alien powers he may have that he has managed to keep a secret all these years? Has anyone ever conclusively shown where Superman was at the time of the killing? Of course not. So that proves he must have been involved. The lack of evidence PROVES the thoroughness with which he completed his nefarious deeds.

In addition, the Warren Commission report never once mentions the Planet Krypton!(10) Obviously there has been a cover-up at the highest level. A search reveals nothing Superman was never even called as a witness(11), a sure sign that the facts of the matter have been suppressed.


A few people, most likely alien disinformationists working for the "Man" of "Steel," have suggested that Superman is merely a fiction and does not exist. Who do the think they're fooling? There are hundreds of books detailing his exploits(12) -- much more wordage than has discussed any conspiracy. Do you really believe that this much detailed information could be produced if Superman didn't exist? No one could have made up all of the thousands of tales of Superman that have appeared. A few may be fictional or exaggerations, but that leaves thousands more. And, of course the people who publish the books will pretend that Superman doesn't exist. If Superman's true nature were revealed, they'd be out of work!


It should be obvious that this is a new and rich area of investigation. Everything about the assassination can be shown to be the work of Superman. There's at least as much proof of his involvement as there is of any conspiracy -- maybe more -- yet people continue to overlook the truth of the matter and insist a conspiracy did the deed. They are too cowed by the so-called "superhero's" powers and reputation to admit to the truth.

But, to coin a phrase, the truth is out there.  Hmmn. Maybe I should trademark that.

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11/23/03; originally published to Usenet in 1994.