Reviews of Buried in Quilts

"Frommer's second mystery (after Murder in C Major) offers an entertaining family-centered murder investigation while examining the importance of quilts as a means of understanding women's history. ."--Publishers Weekly

"Frommer creates a persuasive Midwest ambience in this quiet book . . . about small-town life, big-time emotions, and the practical poetry of quilts."--Gail Pool, Murder in Print: The Best of New Writers, Wilson Library Bulletin

"A serviceable, old-fashioned quilt of a book--not fancy or complicated, but colorful, well-made, cozy, and good to curl up with on a cold night."--Margaret Quamime, Ohioana Quarterly

"Verdict: Recommended. If you like quilts, music, and low-key mystery, this one will please."--Elorise Holstad, The Verdict Is Murder, Deadly Pleasures

"You'll love it."--Alma Connaughton, Mysterious Women

"Frommer has captured the charm of small towns well in setting and characters. There's a wee hint of romance, and an example of a quilt's opportunity to become living history.

"Quilters will have a head start in spotting the clues!"--Margaret Baker, Bookworm. . . Mostly Mysteries, Baldwin Ledger

"Will appeal to all who like great puzzles."--Rima L. Firrone, The Ocala Star-Banner

"A delightful mystery set in the middle of a quilt show."--The Quilter's Bookshop

"Frommer tells an interesting story while exploring the world of quilters and quilt shows."--Anna Ashwood Collins, Book Reviews by Collins, Glynco Observer

Sara Hoskinson Frommer's second book about Joan Spencer and "her cop," as her son calls Lt. Fred Lundquist, is as smooth and enjoyable as her first. . . . I am looking forward to Ms. Frommer's next book, and if you haven't read her first, Murder in C Major, I highly recommend it as well.--Mary Ann, Mystery News.

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