Reviews of Murder in C Major

"'Ironing for a corpse wasn't Joan Spencer's idea of fun.' With an opening sentence like that, you surely have to read on. You won't be sorry. Murder in C Major . . . is a nifty first mystery, unpretentious yet nonetheless impressive in its quiet way. . . a virtuoso debut by a new writer."--Washington Post Book World.

"Murder in C Major is a thoroughly nice mystery with an amiable pair of detectives. It is recommended for those who enjoy a comfortable read on a long winter's night."--Wilson Library Bulletin

"Murder in C Major, by Sara Hoskinson Frommer (St. Martin's, $14.95). A fine first novel about a middle-age widow who joins the local symphony as a viola player just in time for the first oboe to turn up his toes in what seems to be a heart attack. It turns out to be murder--and so does the death of the flutist."--Henry Kisor, Book Editor, Chicago Sun-Times.

"Miss Frommer, through Joan Spencer's eyes, testifies that small-town America, despite the changes on its surface, is still rock-solid."--Pat Phillips, Mysteries, Washington Times

"A chatty, easygoing and conventional first novel . . .Why C major? Because Schubert's Ninth Symphony, with its great oboe solo in the second movement, is integral to the story."--New York Times Book Review

"Murder in C Major is Sara Hoskinson Frommer's first mystery and it is excellent. The author shows a comfortable acquaintance with classical music, orchestral instruments (particularly strings and reeds), state-of-the-art biological research (as implemented in underfunded, ill-equipped college laboratories), and people of all sorts. Occasionally one wonders where mystery writers find the prototypes of their characters. Frommer's characters are so lifelike that the question never arises. . . . The story is loaded with cogent information and irresistible characters. Don't miss Murder in C Major. It's a winner."--Shirley Peterson, Reviewer's Window, Schenectady, NY Gazette.

"Here we have a first novel from a promising American mystery writer. . . . The main characters are interesting, and there is a good flavor of small-town life and a convincing amount of detail about both music and science."--Linda Brinson, Winston-Salem Journal.

"A charmer of a murder mystery. . . . The characters are typical of people in any small town, or big city for that matter; you don't just recognize, you can feel them. One episode, with the bassoonist, is so vivid with insight it could stand on its own as a humorous character description. In fact, Frommer sees many of her characters through eyes that discern the funny side of human foibles.

"Frommer's writing style flows with simple, well-tuned ease and the story moves along quickly to its 'murder re-enactment' climax. She writes knowledgeably about the workings of a symphony orchestra, and she did her homework on certain scientific aspects of the plot. . . .

"Another Joan Spencer-Fred Lundquist adventure from Sara Frommer would be welcome."--Elizabeth Winkler, Sunday Herald-Times, Bloomington IN

"This middle-aged heroine and her handsome partner are refreshing, even though the plot they move in is a little too intricate and overly neat."--Publishers Weekly

"A pleasantly unassuming, tidily plotted debut . . . All in all: too heavy on the music minutiae for general consumption, but the small-town background rings true--as do smart, refreshingly normal Joan and Fred. A return visit would be welcome."--Kirkus

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