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813.0872 999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense edited by Al Sarrantonio, 1999.
There isn't a clunker in this bunch of gruesome offerings. While some of the stories are extremely graphic, gore is never a replacement for character and plot. Of special note are Keepsakes and Treasures: A Love Story by Neil Gaiman, ICU by Edward Lee, and Mad Dog Summer by Joe Landsdale. All three are as haunting as they are well written. It isn't often that black fantasy can be made to read like true crime.

MYSTERY Alpine Legacy: An Emma Lord Mystery by Mary Daheim, 1999.
SF Babylon 5: Legions of Fire by Peter David, 1999.
First book telling the story of Emperor Malori II's reign.
SF/F Blood Spell by Janice Harrell, 1995.
Vampire's Love series, Volume II. Teen-age vampires in love.
SF/F Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Resurrecting Ravana by Ray Garton, 2000.
SF/F Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Sons of Entropy by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder, 1999.
YP SF/F Charmed: Kiss of Darkness by Brandon Alexander, 2000.
FICTION Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear, 1999.
This is an excellent book and would be more available to the general reading public if published as Fiction instead of SF. In an e-mail from Card to the SF-LIT, he explained that this title was published as mainstream fiction. He is so associated with science fiction that everyone placed this book in SF anyway. It probably didn’t help that the cover announced that this book was a main selection of the Science Fiction Book Club. For more information about this award winning author, go to:
Greb Bear's Web Site
SF Earth Final Conflict: The Arrival by Fred Saberhagen, 1999.
For more information about this versital SF/F author, go to:
Saberhagen's Worlds of SF and Fantasy
SF Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card, 1999.
A parallel novel to Ender's Game.
For more information about this award winning author, go to:
Hatrack River - The Official Web Site of Orson Scott Card
SF Future Crimes edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, 1999.
Uninspired collection.
set in KY
Hardy Boys Casefiles No. 115: Cave Trap by Franklin W. Dixon, 1996.
Easy reading mind candy from the Hardy Boys book mill. Set in Kentucky’s cave country.
Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling, 1999.
J. K. Rowling doesn't appear to have an author web site, but there are several official websites devoted to her popular character, Harry Potter. The Scholastic Books site: Meet J. K. Rowling is my personal favorite.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling, 1999.
KY Author
Heir Condition by Tierney McClellan, 1995.
808.02 How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines by Dawn B. Sova, 1998.
686.22544 HTML Publishing on the Internet For Windows by Brent Heslop and Larry Budnick, 1995.
005.75 HTML Sourcebook by Ian S. Graham, 1997.
005.75 HTML: The Definitive Guide by Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy, 1996.
005.75 HTML 4 Bible by Bryan Pfaffenberger and Alexis D. Gutzman, 1998.
SF Immortals edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, 1998.
Often stories about immortality concentrate on the drawbacks of an extremely long life. Many in this collection explore the potential inheritant in living a long life.
Look for Me by Moonlight by Mary Downing Hahn, 1997.
An angst ridden teen finds love with a sinister, mysterious stranger. Great gothic atmosphere within a ghost story.
MYSTERY Murden Can Spoil Your Appetite by Selma Eichler, 2000.
395.4 New American Handbook of Letter Writing and other Forms of Correspondence by Mary A. DeVries, 2000.
728.9 Porches & Sunrooms by Jessica Elin Hirschman, 1993.
I want a back porch with a metal roof. With a little luck, I might get it this year.
005.75 Teach Yourself HTML 3.2 in 24 hours by Dick Oliver, 1997.
Tom Clancy’s Net Force: Cyberspy by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik, 1999.
Surprisingly well written teen adventure. Who actually wrote this book is in question, but it reads much better than the usual teen book written by committee.
813.08762 Trecks Not Taken by Steven R. Boyett, 1998.
This dull parody might be enjoyed by a well read, literate Star Trek fan, but I doubt it.
MYSTERY Triple Witch by Sarah Graves, 1999.
Vanishing by Marilyn Kaye, 1998.
Last On Earth series, Book One. Twenty-five teenagers inherit the earth.
FICTION Waiting by Frank M. Robinson, 1999.
Telepathic human species existing within our homo sapiens civilizations is a standard plot. The author didn't do anything original with the plot or characters and he didn't get this reader to suspend disbelief. I felt let-down at the end of the book. It could have and should have been a better book.
MYSTERY Worst Fears Realized by Stuart Woods, 1999.
An easy read. Good mystery with fine character development. Enough twists and turns to make it an interesting read, but not so complicated that the reader gets lost in the plot while reading. For more information about this popular mystery writer, go to the Stuart Woods: The Official Website

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