Jane and the Raven King Trailer

"A magical, empowering gem of a book . . . I believe this book should be celebrated."

New York Journal of Books

"A spellbinding tale of adventure and wonder."

Rebecca Shelley (R.D. Henham), author of Red Dragon Codex.

The Spiderwick Chronicles meets Alice in Wonderland

Jane and The Raven King

"A magical, empowering gem of a book."

New York Journal of Books

"A spellbinding tale of adventure and wonder."

Rebecca Shelley (R.D. Henham), author of Red Dragon Codex

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Jane is the only one who notices all the strange things happening: like a squirrel packing a suitcase, a blind man who can drive, and that adults, including her parents, appear to be hypnotized by technology.

When Jane is attacked by a man with raven black wings, she escapes with her younger brother to a magical land at the center of the world called Hotland. With the help of a cat-person called Gaius and a dragon named Finn, Jane learns that she is the only one who can defeat an evil King bent on destroying civilization.

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HOPE'S END and HOPE'S WAR were published in 2001 and 2002.  Here is the way The New York Times described them:

"The setting is a planet colonized by followers of a mad genius who is the cloned avatar of the English visionary poet William Blake . . . [who] was treated badly by the corporation that brought him back to life as a promotional gimmick. So he became a homicidal megalomaniac who slaughtered billions while almost conquering the earth before being exiled to a distant planet to try again."




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"Are there fires down there?" Jane asked. "Is something burning?"


Jane stopped by Iz's tank.  The iguana was sleeping against the glass, one eye half-open.

"Michael!" she called. "This isn't funny!"

There were words scrawled in the sand of the tank: HE IS COMING.


"Stephen Chambers deserves to be feted. The best toast I can think of would be to celebrate the fact that once you begin reading [Hope's End], you don't care if it was written by a sophomore or a senior citizen: You just keep reading." (The Chicago Tribune)

"With Hope's End, I think we are witnessing the start of a great career . . . . Simply great, highly recommended!" (

Hope's End is "a clever piece of work, a page-turner that keeps you going all the way to the end. You won't want to put it down." (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)


"Young readers will hardly be able to set the book aside . . . Older readers will be intrigued by the philosophy of hope and morality." (Louisville Courier-Journal)


Hope's End "seethes with ideas." (Kirkus Reviews)


"As a coming-of-age study, [Hope's End] succeeds." (Publishers Weekly)


Hope's War is "a solid sequel" built around "a compelling dissection of good versus evil." (Publishers Weekly)


"Chambers offers a tantalizing look at a grim future history of Earth" (Library Journal)