April 14, 1865: Abraham Lincoln is shot at Ford's Theater

April 14, 1912: The Titanic is struck by an iceberg.

April 14, 1967: I am born.

1971: My family moves to Columbia, MD.

1983: I begin my freshman year at Carnegie-Mellon University.

1986: I spent a semester in Hungary, studying mathematics.

1987: I begin graduate school at the University of Chicago.

1990: I leave graduate school. I attend the Clarion writing workshop.

1991: I get a temporary job at IBM, then a permanent one at the IRS.

1992: I move to Washington, D.C.

1993: I buy a condominium near Dupont Circle.

1994: Heather desJardins-Park is born; I become an uncle.

1996: I upgrade my computer and get onto the Web.

1997: Caroline desJardins-Park, Heather's sister, is born.

1998: I finally update my Web page.

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