Words, Words, Words

April 15, 2000

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. I celebrated it by picking up a few things at the gourmet food store on my way home from work: tomato and mozzarella salad, Cape Cod golden russet potato chips, and a mint brownie. Then I spent the evening reading comic books, watching television, and playing computer games. My computer monitor haas developed an annoying whine, though, which will reduce my time at the keyboard until I either find a way to fix it or else buy a new monitor.

Fortunately I do have enough money that an unexpected $500 expense (or whatever monitors cost nowadays) is no more than an annoyance. In fact I reviewed my finances after doing my taxes, and it looks like I have a few thousand dollars to invest. I'm looking for recommendations for online brokers that have low minimum balances, no maintenance fees, and decent online research available. My retirement funds are doing well, so the odds of my retiring in 10 or 15 years are not too bad--if the next ten years are like the last ten, I ought to be able to do it easily. (I don't actually expect that, but it's a nice daydream.)

Today is also the last day of the DC film festival. This year's films were disappointing. The only one worth mentioning was Genghis Blues, about a blind American jazz musician who learned Tuvan throat singing and was invited to compete in the big Tuvan throat singing competition. It's a fun movie that has a commercial theatrical release coming up soon.

The whine is getting to me, so I'll end this now, and try to catch up with a Lunacon report tomorrow.

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